Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Mysteries and Pleasures

The only time I have ever been truly funny, is when I had absolutely no thought of being funny.  I appreciate humor, but it's just not a part of the person I turned out to be.  The food lady's photography and humor spring from a place that will always be a mystery to me.  If you haven't read her blog today, do yourself a favor and check it out.  The photographs are eyes into the hearts of her dogs, and the captions are their voices - I think most of her readers feel certain of that, no matter how knowledgeable they are about the folly of anthropomorphism.  

Trees, water, light, shades of pink-mauve-blue-orange, reflections, clouds.  These are some of the elements that made my heart beat a little faster today - when I saw them, when I felt I caught something of them, and when I looked at them later.  Pleasure times three.  Not a bike, bird or beast to be seen; maybe they're hidden under the water and in the trees, taking a break from the camera for their own reasons.  As for bikes, I feel almost ready to climb back in the saddle.  Bill suggested we do a short spin together on the weekend; he's the best!

Looking across the water from the back of the school, a momentary flash of light.
Looking East, over Fell Street

By the creek, one street west of Fell - three views of color behind branch shapes.

 I can see the Seabus almost at the terminal, to the left of this photo.  
The next one isn't for a half hour.
I snap a distance shot. 
The sign says 1 minute, 4 seconds.
I snap a close-up, clutch my camera, hit the icons on the ticket machine, 
deposit change, grab the ticket, and run.
Another pleasure - timing it right!

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