Friday, March 27, 2009

Sunday walk, Victoria, and Stanley/Sue update

A quick catch-up blog to fill in some of the memorable moments since last Sunday.  It's Friday morning as I write, and I'm on the verge of being late, so the commentary will be brief.

I took a different route on the way to Jericho Park, last Sunday.  This street, with its bridge of trees, and steep downward slope, caught my eye.
Windy day, snow on the mountains, lots of blue, and although I didn't post any pictures of Black Jack, she had a lot of fun, alternating between sniffing every nook and cranny along the way, and running wildly around me on her long leash.   
I seem to be taken with seagulls lately.  I think this might be a parent and child. 
Loved the blue/white sky and always fascinated by flight. 
I was near the fishing dock and this one had food in its view.  
I only saw one rabbit.  There were more, apparently, but a lady told me many have disappeared.  I watched a hawk flying overhead.  I consoled myself that everything has to eat, but hope this fellow will be there the next time I go.

Like all trips with a large number of teens, there were great moments of fun, and a few slightly stressful ones on our school band trip.  Overall, it was a memorable and very worthwhile time.

I found some time for observing birds and beasts.  This fellow was right outside the Embassy Inn, where we stayed.  I spent a few moments with him.  He seemed well cared for, although I wish his food could have been in a bucket, instead of sprinkled on the sidewalk.
The human with him, who seemed kind, told me this duck visits regularly, to share meal time.
I also visited Beacon Hill Park, one of my favorite spots.  This duck was a new one for me.  I've checked my book, but haven't made a positive identification yet.  Any ideas?
Ducks all in a row, for dp.  If you check out her blog, you'll see that she has recently fostered a border collie, that has now been adopted to a dream home.  Well done, dp, although I know you hate credit of any kind:)
My band students worked for three hours each day, with seven Victoria musicians, in this beautiful building.
The cherry blossoms were out in full bloom.  They are always ahead by a few days in Victoria. (I had my first Vancouver sighting yesterday, as I biked down Cypress Street.  
I normally keep students out of blog photos, but I think this one is small enough and far away enough that it will be okay.  The conservatory was originally a church, and although this photo doesn't show the stained glass windows, they were just stunning.  The pipe organ left most of us mesmerized as well.  Wes, the sound guy at the conservatory, did a recording, so we have a CD to keep as a trip memory.  The playing really improved over three days, and we all felt thrilled with the result.  If by any chance, Wes, or any of the workshop leaders (Paul, Nick, Becky, Julia, Josh, Joey, and Laura), or Marcus, the booking person at the conservatory, see this, I have to say I am deeply grateful for your hard work, enthusiasm and great care of my students.
These next shots were also taken at Beacon Hill Park.  A lovely goose, taking a bath.
I had a map with me, and was following a planned route.  Then something made me choose a different direction, and I was rewarded with a heron sighting.
A bit further along that path, I met Henry.  I must have taken 50 photos of him, but will just post three here.  A man came along and said, "I see Henry is posing for you."  He then told me that Henry waits every day for a lady who comes on the city bus to feed him.  In the next two photos, he has turned his head, thinking he heard the bus.  

The rain held off, but the weather was very grey on Tuesday.  There was also, as you can see, quite a wind.  I talked for a few moments with a lady named Christina.  She was filming Henry, but she also enjoyed watching me and two other people, who were beyond thrilled to see such beauty.  She described to me the "picture that got away" and it included the three of us, one with hand outstretched, and all with cameras poised, and I suspect, in my case, jaw dropped and eyes tearing as I marveled at my good fortune to run into Henry.
Cherry blossoms and blue sky, taken through the bus window, as we headed to Schawrtz Bay to catch the ferry on Wednesday afternoon.
The ferry ride was magnificent.  I took lots of gull photos, some over the water...
...and others with the blue, blue sky as background.


It was a dull day, but the rain held off.  I went through Stanley Park and saw these two flocks of Barrow's Goldeneye ducks, swimming towards each other.
They seemed happy to mingle when they met.  Maybe they were all part of the same flock.
And I did a quick check at the heronry.  Stanley and Sue's nest looked very sparse, but it was inhabited.  I am so curious to know whether the same family has returned to the same nest.  Could it be Stanley and Sue?  Could it be their parents?  Or, has another pair set up housekeeping?  I guess I'll never have the answer to these questions.  The one in the nest stayed put, but grabbed the odd nearby branch, and did a little work on the nest.  The mate (I think) watched but didn't offer help.

Other herons were much more actively working on their nests.  Anna commented on my blog that light is very important for successful photos.  There was precious little of it, so I hope I'll be able to capture some better images soon.  If you have a moment, check out Anna's site.  Her photos take my breath away, and I love her story blog as well. (I see I've posted her address incorrectly at the side of my page, but you can use the link here.  I'll fix the other link soon.)  
I'm now officially late, as I leave for work.  It's a grey day, but at least it isn't snowing!!!


  1. Lovely photos, as usual. I'm glad your band trip went well. What a GRAND setting for music to be shared!

    As for the horse's lunch on the pavement--that actually works, because he wouldn't be able to get his bridle into a "normal-sized" bucket. My old Corky wouldn't even put his head into a bucket with his halter on. The sidewalk is fine--horses have an extraordinary number of muscles in their muzzles, and can pick an offending rock or bit of trash out of their feed quite easily. Before he learned to like them, Cork would sift out even little bits of carrot and apple from his grain!

  2. Thanks, EvenSong. I never thought about all the muscles in horses' muzzles, but of course, that's what makes it so great to be nuzzled (well, muzzled I guess:) by them. It's a sensation I remember like it was moments ago, and still miss. Thanks for pointing out that food on the sidewalk is fine. I feel much better for the horse now.

  3. I'm glad your trip was enjoyable (I can't imagine spending that much time with young teens and actually enjoying it!!!).

    I think the unnamed duck is a widgeon. The back and chest look right, as does the shape of the beak, but the colour of the head seems unusual so I'm not sure.

    Those photos of the heron are AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! WOW!!!!!

  4. So many great photos. I love the action shot of the goose!

  5. Welcome back, and thanks for the plug! My favorite picture is the first one, but I am also happy about the ducks in a row. One day I will dig up a picture I took in Baja a couple of years ago. There are about 40 pelicans facing left and one facing right. Makes me smile every time.

    I second EvenSong. Any smart horse in head gear like that would probably knock his bucket onto the pavement so he might as well start from there. On sand it might be a problem, but the pavement poses no danger. He is a big handsome lug like Tonka.

  6. Here it is:

  7. I believe you're right, Jean. I checked the book again, and believe it's a male. The dark spot on its face is probably green, as shown in the book. It appears to be black in the photo, but that may have been due to the lack of light. The brown shades are much deeper in the book photo, too, but the overall patterns, shape, etc are right. Thanks! And yes, Henry wasn't in the slightest bit shy, so I was able to get amazingly close to him.

    Glad you liked the goose, Ruby:) That was my favorite photo too, just because I've never seen the wing details in quite that way.

    dp: I LOVED that photo you took. Thanks! It made me smile too. And yes, I did think of Tonka when I saw that handsome fellow.

  8. Carol, you surprise me everytime I come by, these are amazing images, you know you are naturally good at it, and the photos of birds in flight - I am speachless, and I love them.

    BTW thank you so much for your most kind comment. It was very nice of you. You know its been two years of blogging, and the first few months, I was all alone, and then suddenly things started to bloom. I am sure that you will be the same, especially with images like that. Just ensure that you don't become addicted to it, lol, as we all are....

    Thanks again,
    Anna :)

  9. Your comments are much appreciated, Anna. It was a lot of fun watching those birds, and trying to capture their images. You're right that it's addictive:)

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