Sunday, March 29, 2009

Super Sunday

First things first!  I must apologize to Oregon Sunshine.  She is the much appreciated blogger who writes a Thursday post each week with dog training suggestions and ideas. I mistakenly credited EvenSong, who quickly set me straight, in the comments of my last post.  Both of these posters are experienced with animal training, and both are much appreciated, but it is Oregon Sunshine who helped me with the "leave it" command for Black Jack.  Thank You, Oregon Sunshine, and thank you, Evensong, for pointing out my error.  I do know the difference.  It was a momentary lapse:)

And now, on with today's post:

Blue skies and the warmest temperatures in a long time brought Vancouverites out in droves on this Super Sunday.
My day began, as it often does, with a bird sighting in my neighbor's garden.  
After some blogging, I headed off on my bike to enjoy the day.  My first stop was at The Wicked Cafe for a latte.  These lilies and primulas were a few doors down from the cafe.
Granville Island, viewed from the Burrard Bridge, was buzzing.  I hadn't realized the restaurant sits on rocks.
People roller-bladed, jogged, strolled, cycled, and one father blew bubbles to amuse his baby.  My camera caught a few of the bubble images in this picture.
A bit further along, I met Charlie, with his humans, Josh and Nola.  Charlie is blind, but hears well.  He is very, very cute and is obviously a happy, well loved fellow.  
He responded enthusiastically to the "treat" word, almost climbing out of his basket.  I don't know much of his story, but if Josh or Nola read this, I would love to find out how they and Charlie found each other.
My next stop was at the Stanley Park heronry.  Stanley, referred to a couple of posts ago, has been working hard on his nest.  It has grown considerably, and appears to be much more sturdy.  Still a way to go, though.  Hope he keeps at it, and gets a little help from his mate.
There was quite a horrible fight while I was there, when a heron invaded another's nest.  One poor fellow watched from the sidelines.  I think both herons survived okay, but those long beaks are lethal weapons.  Not pleasant to watch.  Stanley's nest is next door, but he ignored the screams/squawks and went on with his nest building.
A good looking fellow, I thought.
I took about ten pictures to show a landing sequence.  Too many to post, but here are two of the better ones.  It struck me that it's really quite a feat to get those huge wings under control, and find a spot to grip.  Once they land, there is a lot of flapping and getting settled.  I think the struggle shows in this heron's face.
The mate reaches out to pull in a branch, almost directly under the landing heron, who settles each foot rather precariously on different branches, wings still flapping for balance. 
The plan for the day was to meet Bill and Black Jack, and my new friend Dianne, with her dog, Haley, at Bridgman Park in North Vancouver.  I lingered a little too long with the herons, arriving 15 minutes late, but was thrilled that they were all at the meeting spot.  Dianne had never met Bill, but knew him from the blog, so they were already talking away by the time I arrived.  Beautiful Haley knows me now, and expected her treat. 
She ran joyfully here and there, but always came back when called.  Great dog! 
Dianne and Haley had to go, but we continued our walk for a little longer.  Bill and Black Jack kindly posed for me by the river.  A largish black dog approached Black Jack, and for once she didn't snap, although she did stare threateningly.  The only time she is ever a mean little thing is when she's on someone's lap.  She takes her lap time very seriously.  The black dog left her, came to me, and propped its rump partly on my foot and the rest on a stone, while I took pictures.    
Black Jack liked her spot on Bill's knee, but watched the action around her intently.
The black dog left me to go for a dip.
He slipped on the rocks, and was a bit shocked, returning to shake over me, before finally locating his humans.
We continued on our way.  Black Jack was keen.
The bridge was the turn-around point, but Bill and Black Jack checked out the beautiful river scene first.
On the way back, we met this gorgeous fellow.  Black Jack is in the picture.  Honest.
Walks at Bridgman Park almost always end up with a latte at JJBean.  There is a nice outdoor patio with a very high fence separating Park and Tilford Gardens from the cafe.  Can you guess why Bill was holding Black Jack up to see over the fence?
I'm thinking you probably figured out that it might be a squirrel.  But, honestly, have you ever seen one this cute?
I love this little guy.  The little pink mouth and soft belly are irresistible.  Bill thought it could be mistaken, in this photo at least, for a koala bear.
Pose after pose caught my eye, but it was finally time to leave.
Bill drove the most scenic route he could find as we headed home.  I enjoyed taking pictures through the truck windows, but the last photo for this post comes once more from my neighbor's beautiful garden.  A great supper cooked by Bill, a shutout by Luongo, whom I had the good fortune to choose this week in the Fantasy Hockey Pool, some fun looking through the day's photos, and Super Sunday memories are now stored, in case the rain forecast for the coming week is correct.  One thing for sure, the sun was well appreciated by Vancouver's birds, beasts and humans today. 


  1. I didn't watch the game, but heard about it this morning on the radio. Sounds exciting! This is the first time in years that I have actually cared about the Vancouver team.

  2. I guess what I meant is that a squirrel is a cute animal in a tree, and a koala bear is also a cute animal in a tree. I like to stretch my metaphors. Bill

  3. No worries Carol! I'm just glad that you and Black Jack are doing better.

  4. dp, I'll feel happy for them if they do well, and happy for me if Luongo, the Sedins, Bieksa and Burrows have a good week:) Overall, I'm not as passionate about the game as I used to be. Love to see a kind of "gentleman" approach mixed with a high level of skill. The pool has given me more interest in individual players than I used to have.

    Bill, you weren't alone. At least two others saw the koala in that squirrel.

    Thanks, oregonsunshine. Those Thursday posts are excellent.