Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Happy Hudson

Hudson lives with Kevin, the dorm supervisor in the school where I teach.  Several months ago, I did a post titled "The many happy faces of Hudson."  I walked a short way with him and Kevin this morning, and except for the fact that he's equally enthusiastic about the rain, I could swear he brought out the sun.  

Come and get it.  You too can have this stick.  Wanna check my teeth? 

Did you call me?  

Man, that water feels good.  Oh, what do I see over there? 
(How do dogs do that?  That water had to be freezing!) 

I'll go check it out.  Whee-ee!

A big stick.  Yes!  Now, how do I pick it up?

You calling me again?  Okay, I'll get it next time.  

Another stick.  Yes!  

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