Friday, January 28, 2011

Some Spring indicators

I noticed just a few days ago that there is still enough light at five in the afternoon to take pictures, and that for me, heralds the beginning of Spring. There will still be some dark rides to and from school, but at least on Thursdays (my early day), Black Jack and I can have our walk without her light-up collar.

On the way home yesterday, the light mist and pastel sky gave the Lions Gate crossing a tranquil feel.

A short time later, Black Jack and I walked along the False Creek seawall. The mist had lifted, and birds sang loudly from their hiding spot behind these bushes.

There was soft yellow drifting behind the trees and through the girders of the Granville Bridge.

We met Joe, one of Black Jack's favourite neighbours, on the way back home. Joe recently lost his beloved Katie, a Dalmatian, but in spite of his heartbreak, has found room in his heart to help out many of the residents of my building with dog walking. Joe is adored by every dog in the neighbourhood.

I turned, just before we arrived home, to take this picture. Again, pastels seemed tranquil, and I didn't pick up on the fact that they were a prelude to..

this sight, taken from my balcony, only a few minutes later.

Another of those dramatic sky changes that catch me by surprise every time.

Last Sunday, Black Jack and I walked along the seawall. I watched a couple of lone ducks, and saw a few that seemed to have already chosen mates. It was a fairly dull day, and I hadn't planned to take my camera out of its bag, until I saw this small rock, with barnacles and blue shell bits, artfully arranged by Mother Nature.

More samples of her artwork.

We walked across Beach Avenue, heading towards Lost Lagoon, when this sleeping heron on the top of a street lamp caught my eye.

Suddenly the heron looked up, offended by a seagull that flew a little bit too close.

It gave a warning, and then settled back to sleep.

There were lots of ducks on the lagoon, but this Common Merganser seemed especially beautiful.

He appeared to be searching for a mate. I have learned that throwing the head back like this is one strategy used to impress the girls.

It seems illogical to me that any bird this beautiful could be referred to as..


A Fox Sparrow (I think) was busy foraging for food.

A Blue Heron paced back and forth, showing off his splendour.

Seagulls arranged themselves in constantly shifting patterns on this tree.

The one on the left seemed to fly backwards, forced to give up its place to a new arrival

A Lesser Scaup, perhaps?

My first cherry blossom sighting of the season!

I am always amazed at the thoroughness and vigour of bath time.

The seagull on the left seems about to turn over on his back.

The camera worked in mysterious ways here. I have no idea why the background was so dark, but love the way it highlighted the seagull.

These Primulas seemed to be thriving.

I cannot name these lovely yellow ones, but their message is clear.
Spring is definitely around the corner. And, it's Friday! Have a wonderful weekend everyone.


  1. Yes indeed... spring is bursting out all over! I saw the first cherry blossoms on Tuesday on my way home from the Y! All the bulbs are pushing up and snowdrops have been in bloom for weeks. I am still looking for the winter rhododendron which several people have told me bloom all winter! I love the shell and rock patterns and will never tire of sunrises or sunsets! Thanks for taking me on your walk! Phyllis

  2. The snow has melted here, and there's a couple of calves on the ground in the pasture next door...That's MY proof!

  3. Random signs of spring are a joy to discover when days are gray. The bird forced to fly backwards and the seagull doing a back float are well-timed captures! And the black background on one seagull photo shows off the white wings mid-motion like in a dance. I noticed a gorgeous sunset last night in my area. As your city photos show they really are stunning some evenings. I enjoyed the soft mood of many scenes in this post. Carol. Thanks for sharing this gentle journey into spring. :)

  4. What an amazing sunset - stunning!
    It is so good to see the signs of spring everywhere - even if we get a big dump of snow now, we know it won't last for long. This whole week is supposed to be gorgeous, which should really bring out the blossoms.
    The earliest yellow blossoms on long thin branches in your area are usually forsythia, though the branches don't look quite right for that. Yellow japonica also blooms very early - a bit bushier, but could look long and slender after rains.

  5. Oh wow Carol, spring is definitely at your place. They are calling for major snow storm starting tonight over our place, and its cold too. Your images as always are amazing, and you got no snow, lol. The photos of the seagulls in action up in the air and water, are amazing. I love action photos, they show moves and poses often we don't get to see it because it happens so fast. Beautiful post as always, and love your narration always. Anna :)