Friday, April 22, 2011

Black Jack plays ball, and receives a massage.

This post is mostly an experiment, since I rarely post videos.  The video function on the D90, is really poor, but the coolpix seems a bit better.  I'm not sure why my hand feels pretty steady holding the D90 with its huge lens, but is totally shaky with the very lightweight coolpix.  Perhaps that will improve with practice.  

In the meantime, this video (taken a week or so ago) made me laugh a lot.  At the very end, I told Black Jack to get the ball.  She completely ignored me and ran to the kitchen to drink some water.  One bonus of having a small dog (she's my first) is that she can get a pretty good workout, even in my tiny apartment.
The second video was made today on the shoal in North Vancouver.  Vera, an even more avid osprey fan than I am (I'm not kidding), also shows special affinity for dogs, and Black Jack picked up on that the first time she met her.  Here she receives the most luxurious of massages from Vera.

An Earth Day post to follow, hopefully before midnight.  Osprey and heron updates are also in the works. Happy Easter to those of you who celebrate, and to all, may your weekend be fun and relaxing!

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