Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Last day of March

On Thursday, the 31st of March, there was a traffic jam on the Lions Gate Bridge. The only vehicle moving South was my bicycle, and I stopped just after crossing the bridge to record the moment with my Coolpix. I love the camera for its lightness and convenience, but the D90 remains my favourite.

The lions were dressed up in their new Spring outfit. I still haven't figured out who has taken on the job of lions' wardrobe manager.

My bike waited patiently by the daffodils. The first car moving south finally appeared.

When I arrived home, I took Black Jack and the D90 for a walk. A pair of geese seem to have taken up residence on the rocks in front of David Lam park. I suspect they are expecting little ones fairly soon.

This one eyed my camera and glanced at Black Jack, but didn't seem bothered by either.

I spent a few minutes admiring the pink flowers,

and caught a blurry bee.

The backgrounds changed from second to second. This smooth green surprised me.

These lovely mystery (to me) yellow flowers have been springing up all over the neighbourhood.

I watched a cormorant come in..

to land..

on the sculpture.

It always surprises me to see Vancouver General Hospital in the background. If I were to ride over there, it would probably take 30 minutes.

The cormorant spread its wings to dry, and I wondered about

its somewhat crooked-looking foot.

But mostly, I admired its comical expressions and beautiful eyes.
It is Tuesday morning, and I am on the second day of a two-week holiday. Bill and I will leave today for an adventure trip - three days or so, I think. I have quite a bit of catching up to do, and will slowly try to record the notable moments over the past ten days, and maybe even make it all the way up to the new ones that I feel are waiting just around the corner.


  1. Oh, I love the pose of the bird with feathery chest out and wings stretched wide! A bicycle sure comes in handy during a traffic jam. And with camera in hand, one can never be bored during the stuck moments in life. Sounds like you’re getting off to a great start to your holiday with an adventure. Hope Bill and you have lots of fun. I look forward to seeing the pictures, Carol. :)

  2. I'm pretty sure those yellow flowers are the flowers of oregon grape - later to become berries.

    That commorant does look like he has a problem with one foot, but he (she?) seems to manage very well with it.

    Enjoy the holiday (or, since this was the last day of March, are you now back at work?)

  3. Carol, once again great pictures, the commorant seem ready to launch into a great speech in the last picture.
    Enjoy your trip, I look forward to your pictorial account.

  4. Thanks, everyone! Always so nice to get your comments.

    Jean, we're just about to leave. Holiday began officially yesterday. Just catching up with posts, so I'm putting dates in the titles to show time of pictures. Thanks very much for the oregon grape i.d.

  5. Have a wonderful time on your adventure. Love, Phyllis

  6. Hello Carol...I've come to visit from Penelope's site. It's always nice to meet another Vancouverite, and I really enjoyed all your photos, particularly the cormorant!

    I see you're off on holidays, so I will try to visit again at a later date...

    Imagination Lane

  7. Carol, it is nice that you bike around everywhere. The photos of the cormorants are amazing, I always admire your action shots, they are usually the best, especially because you can record steps of their graceful movements. Thanks for sharing, and enjoy your time. Anna :)