Friday, April 22, 2011

Ta’Kaiya Blaney and some thoughts about Earth Day

The older I become, the more I appreciate the world around me.  Penelope posted about earth's fine balance, in danger of shifting under the impact of humans.  David Suzuki came to speak at a school where I was teaching in the mid-70's, and inspired me to do what I can to recycle and to take care of the earth.  Now, he has made a brilliant film called The Force of Nature that will add to his already significant influence.  Bill's niece, Glenys, is completing doctoral studies on the affect of environmental chemicals on fetuses. Then, I met ten-year-old Ta'Kaiya last Sunday and learned a little of her passion to save the earth and of her musical talent.  Her song, "Shallow Waters", co-written with her music teacher, was ranked top five in BC for the David Suzuki 2010 Songwriting contest.  You can read about her and listen to the song at this link. She is not alone in her sadness over the BP Oil Spill.  One of my students this past semester chose to do a project on this subject, and at times, I felt the subject was almost too painful for her to think about.  The hopeful side of this, aside from the channeling of Ta'Kaiya's feelings into a song that really hits home, is that these people (and I feel there are lots more out there) are the future. There is still a great deal of room for improvement, but at least the ball is rolling in the right direction.  David Suzuki has reached further than probably even he realizes.  I thank him for his work, and for inspiring so many of us, and especially youth, to carry on that tradition.

Ta'Kaiya and her mother were happy to have these pictures taken.  I thought they might like to see them, and/or possibly use one or two for Ta'Kaiya's web site.  Continue to tell the world how you feel, Ta'Kaiya.  Thank you for caring!

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  1. This is a timely song for Earth Day, Carol. Hopefully, the little girl and others with like-minds participating in parallel consciousness-raising efforts will be our future. Your photos of Ta’ Kaiya by the sea are lovely, indeed!

    I see your blog has been refreshed and undergone an appealing transformation. I like the look of your photos enlarged! :)