Thursday, March 22, 2012

My haircut by Elvis, of Zhape Studio

I don't generally have much desire to post pictures of myself, but discovering Elvis (a former student!) completely by chance was such a gift, I want to pass it on.
How many stylists do you know who will let you take pictures while they are working?
This was only my second visit to him, and I only had a cut and blow dry, but both times, I walked out of his shop feeling like a million dollars.  (We are talking here about someone who has gone years without a haircut because she hated going to the hairdresser.) 
 Elvis is young and cool, he really listens and he wants to please his clients. 
I think he's also a talented..   
 and versatile stylist.  I believe he would be equally successful with younger customers.
Here's the link to his web site. His business is fairly new, but I really, really hope it succeeds, because I hope to have my hair cut by Elvis for as long as it needs cutting.
Thanks, Elvis!


  1. I love these pictures! You are both having so much fun! Phyllis

  2. Oh my goodness, Carol, you LOOK like a million bucks!!! I love that haircut on you. This hairdresser truly is talented. Strangely enough I, too, had a haircut and the results were not at all as wonderful as yours!

  3. The haircut looks GREAT on you, Carol - and how nice of Elvis to let you click, click, click with the camera while he worked.

  4. I love this series of you taking pictures of yourself behind the lens, and the results are wonderful, no wonder you have changed your mind about haircuts. Elvis is very talented, and I think it helps that he knows "who you are" because that cut really suits you.

  5. Hi Carol:

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