Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Spring photos

The white on the front of this Cormorant indicates that s/he is an adolescent.  They seek out even the smallest glimmer of sun and spread their wings with such appreciation.  
The detail in these were lovely.  Are they pre-cherry-blossoms?
Yesterday was an unexpected gift.  The forecast had been for rain, but the sun came out and we walked to Stanley Park and around Lost Lagoon without so much as a raindrop to force my camera back into its bag.  I took a lot of pictures, starting with this one from my balcony.
 These new grasses, flowing on the breeze, were beside the False Creek walkway.
Gardeners have been busy.  
Black Jack made me laugh when she jumped onto a cement ledge, and then stood up on her hind legs to "smell the roses" (or perhaps the hidden wildlife) in these bushes.  With my big lens, I could only catch her neck, stretched out to its full length. 
I can't name these flowers, but really enjoyed them yesterday.
One day I stopped to thank one of the city gardeners.  She was splattered from head to toe with mud, as a cold rain fell relentlessly.
 She said it sometimes feels like a losing battle, but the new blooms that spring up almost daily make walks along the False Creek path a constant discovery.
 This Fox Sparrow was exploring the rocks along English Bay.
 These were at the entrance to Stanley Park, just before I reached..
 the heronry.  Ah..  they are nesting again!
 I hope it will be a good year for them.
It appeared that they have arrived recently.  Lots of flying in and out of nests, but they didn't appear to be carrying any twigs.
 Perhaps, they are just in the process of choosing their mates..
 and impressing them with their flying prowess.
 These lovely blooms were along the path to the lagoon.
 It took us a while to make our way along that path.
 There were photo-ops at..
 just about every step along the way.
 It was hard sometimes to decide whether the closer, or a more distant view..
 best captured the moment.
 As if there weren't enough "real" birds, others appeared..
in the woodwork.
 Even this heron was impressed.
 I stood for a long time, listening to this sparrow's..
 lusty song.
Black Jack and I were just about close enough..
to touch this heron.  I'm really appreciating that Black Jack rarely barks.  She had a couple of "I can't stand it any more" episodes when squirrels dashed just about underfoot, but otherwise, stood as still as a statue.
 There was only one pair of Wood Ducks (that I saw).  "Turn around, please," I said to this one, but I guess it didn't hear me.
 This crow stared at us from the bridge, begging for a handout.
 I have learned not to feed the wildlife, but this is a spot where people regularly dole out whatever they have on hand.  I cringe when the food is nachos, but breathe a sigh of relief when at least a few people bring more nutritious fare.  Admittedly, this crow has a lovely sheen to its feathers.
 Ah!  He did hear me :)
 A close-up view of a beaver's tooth marks.
At least, I'm assuming this is the work of a beaver.  I have only seen one.. ever.. at Lost Lagoon, and that one was swimming several years ago.
 My first Skunk Cabbage sighting this year, also by the lagoon.
 I think this is a Ring-necked duck.  It reminded me of someone looking over the top of their glasses in a way my father used to do, sometimes, when he didn't quite agree with something I had said.
 I can't identify these, but they appeared, just as we completed our tour of the lagoon.
 I always have to have a few pictures that don't quite fit the theme, at least at first glance.  I spotted this chandelier inside a window of a high-rise lobby, and snapped it from across the street, with my big lens.  I could see twinkles of pink and blue in the lights, and I like the memory, although they didn't come out so clearly in the photograph.
Later in the evening, it seemed the pastel shades of the day were carried into the sunset, taken from my balcony..
 and in the shades of the stadium roof, admired when Black Jack and I did our..
final walk..
of the evening.
I'm glad we had a good walk yesterday, as today's weather is less to Black Jack and my camera's liking.  That's okay, though.  Perhaps, I'll spend a bit more time catching up on some indoor chores.  They've been quite sadly neglected.  In the meantime, the plants and birds will drink up and carry on with Spring's agenda.  Here's to renewal and a good day for all of us.


  1. I'm not much of a pink fan, but those flowers at the beginning of the laggoon walk are beautiful! As are the too striking ducks.

    It's hard to believe that I'm on my second, or maybe even third, year of "visiting" the heronry with you! Time flies! And spring is on the way.

  2. That is such a pretty wisp of a blue feather jutting out of the heron’s head … like in a lady’s hat. The ring-necked duck with the expression reminiscent of someone looking over the top of his glasses is very familiar to me, too! As for the weather we’ve been experiencing, your top photo says it all … sunshine has been scarce and it’s exciting to see it show up even for a short while. :)

  3. Your pictures of birds are always so beautiful and you have spotted a great many flowers/plants in bud or in bloom; it is hard to believe that there are rhodo's in bloom so early. The picture of the "tree bird" is remarbable, great capture. I agree yesterday was not a good day out for man/woman or beast.

  4. Isn't it amazing how many beautiful flowers are out in full bloom despite our strange, unpredictable and unseasonably cold (at least, it seems that way to me) weather. You capture what I love about southwestern BC.

  5. The sun worshiping cormorant, the heron sporting a "fascinator", the spring flowers, the ducks and the chandelier .... loved them all.

    Unseasonably warm here, and a few brave little buds are peeking through the melting earth. I welcome spring and really hope it lasts.