Saturday, March 10, 2012

Ottawa - Part 2

I've been thinking this morning about why I like photography so much, and it occurs to me that part of the reason is that it allows me to relive happy times that I couldn't fully take in, in the moment.  I guess that is part of my personality.  Perhaps, it's about multitasking.  I'm not sure, but I know that going back over pictures gives me great pleasure.  Below, continues the story of our drive back from Merrickville to Ottawa.  The cutting of the road made me think of the workers and of the rock, and of the layers of meaning and beauty in both. 
 I had been a little sad that we couldn't take my sister's dog with us that day, but she had assured me that it would not really have brought her pleasure.  Familiar territory and activities are much more her cup of tea.  When we arrived home, there was just enough light to take her to her favourite haunt.  
Here, she joyfully supervises my sister's driving.
 I delight in the moon, 
 and it gave us a beautiful show that evening.
It also makes me happy to see that people care about the wildlife in the park.
 Darkness was falling quickly, and my sister kept us moving, 
 knowing that the path was becoming more and more difficult to follow.  I snapped pictures as quickly as I could, and then struggled to catch up, remarking to myself that she and Bill were in pretty fine shape.  It makes me smile to remember that now.
 There's that moon again, over the Rideau Canal.
 My sister took a little break here, to catch a shot of her three followers.
 The next evening, I loved watching my great-nephew in his Jolly-Jumper.  Just coming up to six months old, I was amazed at his stamina and his delight in discovering his strength.  Here, he checks out his reflection in the hall mirror,
and bounces high.  I think he was impressed to see that his image could jump too.
Then, he turned and pushed off the floor again and again,
with "I can fly" and..
"I can dance" and.. 
 "Don't you think life's grand?" expressions. His grandpa and I laughed as we totally agreed with him.
Bath time was every bit as much fun.  Although this is out of focus, I love it for the absolute delight in my sister's face,
 and my nephew's energy as he works the water into a frenzy,
 followed by a smile of satisfaction.
The next set of pictures were taken during another walk at Fletcher Garden.  A happy dog spreads the joy with no effort at all.
 Just a moment to plan the next move,
 and off..
 she goes!
 This time, my niece and great nephew joined us.  Lots of preparation required to go for a jaunt with a baby in snowy Ottawa, but oh so worth it! 
 Meanwhile, my sister's dog revels in the fact that so many members of the family are gathered together in her favourite outdoor spot.
 Do you think she's enjoying herself?

And, what about Grandma? I wonder who is happier?
 Many of the trees have labels, and I was surprised to see that..
this was a crab apple tree.
 Just a scenery shot,
 and some mallards,
 and another happy dog with her ever-accommodating Bill.
 I took this through the car window as we drove home.
There is something about a winter landscape with setting sun that is irresistible.
Part 3 to follow shortly.  Thanks for reading, and have a wonderful weekend!


  1. I so enjoyed these captures, Carol, from the dog rolling playfully in the snow to the bundled up baby that brings smiles of delight to all who meet him. I agree it’s fun to relive experiences through pictures … and in a picture you can appreciate the beauty without feeling the cold of snow. It’s clear your gift for animating your surroundings and showing life’s joyful side has carried itself into Ottawa. I am looking forward to seeing part three. :)

  2. Babies just LOVE those Johnny Jump-Up thingies (mine included, once upon a time)!
    The scene of the mallards taking advantage of the open water was sweet, as were all the happy-doggie photos.
    Seems like a wonderful trip!

  3. William is a darling! I love the jolly jumper pictures! Is his hair red or is it just how the light is striking his hair? Congratulations to everyone in the family!! Phyllis

  4. Beautiful pictures, they allow us to share the trip highlights with you. The outdoor shots are beautiful, though it looks rather cold, and the pictures of the baby and the dogs all with gleeful expressions are priceless.

  5. Zoe and William both have a tinge of red in their hair. :) Your camera highlights both nicely. What I find most remarkable is that you capture joyful moments so exquisitely. Such a fun post, Carol. Thanks.