Thursday, November 21, 2013

We are back!

Hello to all of you.  It has been a long and difficult journey, one that i won't describe in detail. The main point of this post is to let you know that Bill is on the mend after a six-week stay in hospital.  If I could save any of you from the trauma of the past few months, I would advise you that anyone entering hospital needs a strong advocate.  Be there for your loved ones.  It is a little known fact that many older patients suffer dire consequences from a post-operative condition called delirium.  Read up on this and be aware, should anyone you love be about to undergo surgery.

Below, Bill clowns around for the first time.  It was a very happy moment for me.  More pictures from this sequence can be found at this facebook post.
I'm posting this just because I like the photo.  It was taken during a walk to the Burrard Bridge, and shows our reflection in a convex mirror that helps you see around blind corners.
I love this next photo.  Bill and I had haircuts on Monday at Zhape Studio. The camera took this particular shot in a set-up I prepared, but there are more photos, some taken by Bill.  It was the first time he took pictures of me since his surgery.  You can see the set at this facebook link.
Delirium can cause some serious cognitive dysfunction.  Bill, I'm happy to say, is recovering from one of the scariest times I can remember in my life.  He and I have designed a "therapy" for him that involves writing each day in a memory journal.  Below is his journal and my photographs from Wednesday, November 20th.  I quote Bill for most of the rest of this post.

Beautiful sunny day..   
  for our walk.
Met Dave..
who was carving a walking stick.
 (Carol here.) We both enjoyed this happy lady and her beautiful leaf.
 Took pictures..
 of Carol..
 She took pictures of me..
 doing sort-of stretches.
Did a few runs..
with Black Jack..
 in Wainborn Park.
 Pictures of me..
 in the Autumn leaves.
(Carol here.)  Bill noticed this bowl at the side of a beautiful old stairway.  I have walked by here hundreds of times, but had never noticed the bowl before.
 Bill at our front door.  Home Sweet Home.

Thursday, November 21st
Another cold day but sunny and we dressed warmly.  A picture of a house finch on a boat-like leaf.
 (Carol here) I added this picture of a male house finch nearby.
 (Carol here again.) This Red-throated Loon appeared and made me happy.  The last time I saw one was several months ago.
Helicopter hovering over Granville Street Meth Lab as relayed by a recovering addict we met on our walk.  Here's a link to the story.
 (Carol again.)  Loved these reflections in False Creek.
 Great shots of an otter family near English Bay.
 Barrow's Goldeneyes..
 in flight.
 Wind damage to a stranded sailboat by Inukshuk  sculpture.
 Picture of Bill under an Inukshuk sculpture.
 Bill doing his laughing mimicry.  
Carol here again.  Thank you for reading, everyone.  We hope to return tomorrow.


  1. OH MY GOSH!!! i am SO sorry for you both, but SO glad to hear bill is on the mend!!! bless you both! i have thought of you several times and hoped you were just busy but all was well. i hope you are both in a good place now!

  2. Black Jack is sure taking off for a good run and lots of chew toys for him swimming about lol oh yeah definitely need someone there when in the hospital.

  3. Great to see Bill back on the mend and taking walks! I have been thinking about Bill and you and it is wonderful to see the two of you looking so well. In fact, maybe it’s the haircuts but you both seem ten years younger. That is my favorite picture of the three of you yet … even Black Jack seems to have dropped a few doggy years. I agree. A strong advocate is definitely an asset for anyone entering a medical facility! It can be a life saver. :)

  4. What a relief to see Bill up and about again, clowning around. A difficult and painful time for him but what an anxious and worrying time for you.

  5. Carol, I can see and fell the joy!
    I can't describe how wonderful it is to hear that your lives are heading forward together....with the best smiles I have seen in a long time.
    And Blackjack looks like she is very happy too!
    Thanks for the heads up about post surgery delirium.
    It's so good to have you guys back!

  6. So good to see such great photos of both of you. Love the photo of the two of you after your hair styling session. As you know, we are struggling forward trying to find just the right meds for Lorne. Time is so precious, isn't it.

  7. I was just thinking about you yesterday. So glad you're back and to see Bill looking so well. Will continue to pray for your complete healing and strength. Black Jack is looking good too.

  8. Carol, I'm so glad for the update - you and Bill are often in my thoughts. I love the photo of you both with your new haircuts, and the one of the otter family is simply amazing.
    Hugs to you both - enjoy this beautiful fall weather.

  9. This is best, so cheerful, so vibrant and full of hope. I'm off to read #3 and #4 now (already read #2) !