Friday, July 17, 2015

Fun with Fences

Sharing with TexWisGirl's Good Fences meme today.  Thanks, Theresa!  There's little commentary as we're on a bit of a mission, but I'll be back this evening to read posts and leave comments.  In the mean time, have a wonderful Friday!

Bill and Black Jack sitting by a fence along the False Creek bike route.
Feeding the Douglas Squirrels at Stanley Park's Beaver Lake.  This is just the top of a very well used fence by a little bridge that crosses a brook.
 If you look very closely at the top just left of centre, you will see the end of a tail of another squirrel hoping to share in the goodies.
 We thought there might be quite a showdown, but after some fierce chattering,
 the second squirrel was permitted a chance to feast on his/her share.
Back to False Creek on a different day, we enjoyed watching this skate boarder.  All looked to be going well, but..
the landing was..
 a bit shaky.
 He repeated the same manoeuvre many times while I admired his persistence and talent.  He averted falls every time except for one (that looked painful but no photo of that) when he landed on his back.  He immediately got right back at it,  
 and by the end of his session, had had several successful landings.  When I looked back at the photos, I noticed two little boys (one in a blue shirt and the other in a white shirt) watching intently.  And that's how career plans are made :)
 Almost had it here,
 but not quite.
This last one was a beauty.
 Loved his socks!
 Walking up the street to Harrison's Gallery, I noticed these five trees in front of a hedge in A fenced empty lot.  Wonder why they didn't make the row of trees all the way along the block.
 No fence in this next shot, but the flower was so perfect, we had to touch it and smell it to be sure it was real.  It was!
Yesterday, we rode to Vanier Park.  I love the little marina there.  You can see the fence and ramp down to the docks.
 Black Jack knows that two cats live on one of those boats.  She led Bill..
 a merry chase..
 straight to the boat,
 but ended up going right by IT, as the cats must have been sleeping inside.
 She checked out the end of the dock..
 and after inspections had been completed, brought Bill back up the ramp.
 A quick stop was made to check any action along the side.
 Then, Bill snapped a few shots of us as we navigated the rocks that look down to the beach.
 A quick cuddle..
 one more photo, and then back to Bill again.
 As we walked back to our bikes, we passed the Bard on the Beach tent. The actors were rehearsing Shakespeare (I think) and I do believe that could count as one more fence.
 A windmill, a fence and the Canadian Flag were just outside the tent.  Back on our bikes, we rode home, happy to have seen lots of fences :)  Thanks for stopping by!  And one more time..  a very happy Friday to you!


  1. love the yellow bloom and the ones behind bill, too. i did like the skateboarder's socks. :) thanks, carol!

  2. oh, and your squirrels are adorable.

  3. Hello Carol, wonderful series. I love the shots of you and Bill holding Black Jack. I would like to give Black Jack a hug too. The skateboarder are cool. Wonderful series of images. Have a happy weekend!

  4. It's so much fun to watch squirrels. Your photos of them on the fence were so cute. Also you got great action shots of the guy on the skate board. I noticed he was being photographed by someone else in the photos. Always a pleasure to see Black Jack, he has such great adventures with you and Bill.

  5. Hi Carol,
    I am sorry I missed some of your posts. I have to setup Feedly, somehow, to get your posts also.

    It is good to see you guys out and about, enjoying the great natural treasures of Vancouver.
    I enjoyed all the photos, in particular the young men, made of steel, trying out their skateboards on the railings - that takes a lot of courage.
    Good to see Black Jack, you and Bill hanging out!

    Good Times...yeah!

    Have a Great Day!
    Peace :)