Saturday, July 18, 2015

Thoughts and encounters in my world lately.

I am posting to Our World Tuesday today (even though it is Saturday).  Many thanks to ArijaGattinaLady FiSylviaSandyand Jennifer for the fine work they do to encourage us to continue Klaus Peter's idea of sharing our worlds

On May 31st. I woke up around midnight and saw the moon through my bedroom window.  I managed to stay awake long enough to get my camera, step out on the balcony and take the photo.
And this yellow bloom has been lingering in my iphoto events since March 16th.
The same day I saw that beautiful, yellow flower, I met this vendor for Megaphone Magazine.  I think his is James Clark, though I am not absolutely certain as his photo in the "vendors" section seems a bit changed from the one I took of him.  The vendors (all homeless or low income) buy the magazine for .75 and sell it from various Vancouver and Victoria street corners for $2.  Whether or not I have the right person, what you will find if you explore the Megaphone web site is stories of courage and indomitable spirit.  Many of the writers did not realize their own potential, but were encouraged to record their thoughts and to hone their skills through writers' workshops.  I've read each issue with interest and appreciation.  I did a bit of searching and haven't been able to find a link to the person who first acted on this great idea, but my hat is off to him or her. A project that creates greater understanding between economic and mental-health divides has got to be a good thing.  
The rest of these photos were taken recently.  On July 10th, we walked along English Bay.  I always wonder about the people who carve or paint their names into the natural surroundings.  Where will they be a year, or ten years, from now?  I hope Michelle and Chamberlain will still love each other.. 
and I hope the July 4th celebrator(s) will still be enjoying visits to Canada.
That's Bill's hand holding these roses up in Stanley Park so I can get a photo.  We both thought the blooms magnificent. 
On Saturday, Mary Putt, Lilee-Jean's grandmother and a dear friend, had plans to visit two children at Children's Hospital, both met during Lilee-Jean's hospital stays.  When Mary is in town, she does her best to meet up, and her suggestion to do that at Granville Island was perfect.  I took this False Creek ferry across the water to meet her and another of her good friends, Bev.  It is a converted commercial lifeboat and one of only four in the fleet that are open-deck vessels.  I've asked several staff people but have never been able to find out much about Ned.  Perhaps, he was a regular passenger but, whatever his claim to fame, I do think "Spirit of Ned" is a great name for the boat.     
I never tire of the action up and down False Creek,
The Os Gemeos sculpture titled "Giants" ..
brings a spirit of fun to what would otherwise be just an industrial site (Ocean Concrete manufacturing and distribution plant).
You can see the industrial process happening as material is guided into the silos.
I caught the members of this Canada Goose family as they glided past the ferry.
As the ferry was landing, I noticed what appeared to be champagne glasses on a yacht, and then realized there was a wedding party happening.
One of the people celebrating noticed I was taking the photo and waved.
Then the photographer and the groom looked my way.
Somehow, I felt a happy connection and though I was too far away to speak to them, I think they caught my good wishes.
With the help of some texting, it was easy to find Mary and her friend, Bev, who was sitting just behind her on the bench.!
They were listening to some very lively playing by this accordionist.
They were hungry after a busy morning and we all smiled at this sign.
We headed into the store and after a quick look in the shop section, headed..
to the restaurant side where we enjoyed great food and the chance to catch up on each others' lives.  I have learned a lot from Mary and about the way she has kept up her connections with Lilee-Jean's world, even in the midst of the most devastating loss a grandparent could imagine. She doesn't shy away from expressing her grief but her heart remains open to include all those who care, and there are many of us.  It also remains open to those who struggle to support loved ones who are very ill.  I know that takes incredible courage, and I know her good friends (like Bev) are as inspired by her as I am.  
Well, I move from that serious note to a photo that may seem offensive to some of you, though I hope not.  This one is also about friendship and laughter and about life-events that change us forever.  Bill and I were walking that evening with Black Jack when we saw this young man.  He was about to embrace married life..
and his good friends had chosen to "do" his stag celebration in David Lam Park.  There was much laughter and just a few pranks, and we loved that he ran to us quite willingly when I asked if I could take his picture.  He talked with us for a few minutes, shared a few jokes, and then he ran back to his laughing friends.
All in all, it was a quiet time of camaraderie that made us smile.  Bill and I wish him and his wife-to-be well as they take this major step in their lives.
Continuing on our walk, we saw this girl taking a photo of herself and her friend, on Stand Up Paddleboards.  We called out to them, asking if the sport was fun, and they assured us that it was.  The girl on the left was trying it for the first time, and was encouraged by her pal who had tried it once before.  As with all of the day's encounters, I thought about the friendship, the memories forged, and about the willingness to connect with us.
Some of you may remember my post with photos of people playing Bubble Ball.  Well, it seems there are other companies in Vancouver with the same idea.  Bubba Soccer was set up in David Lam Park just a day or two after we had seen the Bubble Ball players.  As you can see, Bill was intrigued.
I think he enjoyed..
the collisions most :)
Legs protruding from a plastic ball make me laugh.  I'm not sure why that is.
As we returned from our walk, we saw that the stag party had grown in numbers.  In fact, that may have been one of the last b-b-q events permitted in the park.  Signs have gone up since banning all camp fires in Vancouver because of our extremely dry conditions and the threat of wildfires.
This post has been sitting in drafts for ages.  I keep changing the "even though it was" day in the first line, but will post it now.  I realized I haven't a single photo of Black Jack so will include these two taken July 12th.  She was looking up at me from her bed that stays pretty much at my feet when I am playing piano or blogging.  That way, I can reach down and pat her as frequently..  
as she demands :)  Happy Saturday, everyone.  Many thanks for stopping by!


  1. Friendship. love, camaraderie are alls so important to our well being. A lovely post.

  2. A wonderful moon photo.... and , of course, another beautiful tribute to nature, love, friendship and loss (thinking of dear little Lilee-Jean. Hugs, Phyllis

  3. Hello Carol, looks like a wonderful outing and get together with your friends. I love the moon shot and the Giants, the painted silos are neat! And of course, I love your Black Jack! Great images and post, enjoy your day!

  4. Wow … the moon picture is so haunting that it woke you up! If this were a recent picture, the misty formations around the moon might be drifting smoke rather than clouds. Due to all the fires in BC during this dry weather, I am amazed a BBQ was allowed at David Lam Park.

    Black Jack is so cute at the end and her eyes so sparkly!

  5. Hi Carol,
    The moon photo is superb!
    Not sure if I dig Bubba Soccer or Bubble Ball - they both seem like fun, as long as falling is not painful :)

    The Stag party seems like 'harmless' fun. Why not? It sure made me laugh.

    So, I learned a new word today - Hangry :)

    Glad you got to meet your friends - that is always fun!
    Cool poses by Black Jack!

    Have a Great Day!
    Peace :)