Friday, July 24, 2015

Lots of Fences

On Tuesday, we had our hair cut by Elvis.  We love Elvis.  Notice there's a fence behind us.  Bill is at my side as I type, trying his best to help make this post brief.  It's a challenge!  We are posting to TexWisGirl's Good Fences meme.  Thanks, Theresa!  Other than her link, no others today, but there are clues here and there if anyone wants to explore further.
On Wednesday we biked to Vancouver's GasTown and walked from there to Strathcona (Main Street is the boundary) to do some neighbourhood exploring.
The building above, and below, is on the original site of Vancouver's City Hall, as..
explained here on this rather weather-worn sign.
Powell Street was once a vibrant part of Vancouver, and there are still signs of character, and even of resurgence, but it is generally a down-on-its-luck area.
This mural doesn't have an overarching theme, but cherry blossoms, tugboats, wildlife, people gathered.. all somehow inspired the muralist.
One of very few employment options for young women back in the day was sewing, as explained here.
This street scape might inspire an artist.
This is Oppenheimer Park, reflecting our current drought-like conditions (though it's raining today..  yay!!).
You may have noticed there are fences in almost every photo, many of them security related.
Chess pieces and a creative playground show an effort in Oppenheimer Park..
to engage the patrons.
First Nations cultural contributions,
a creative playground,
that I could imagine playing in,
some really creative fencing,
and a rabbit (can you spot it?),
led us to a gathering of homeless people.
We soon realized there were quite a number of rabbits..
in the area,
most of them occupied quite happily, it seemed.
They were obviously well-fed.
Black Jack had a rabbit-inspired moment.  Bill almost had to call the wildlife..
control but somehow held on tight.
We crossed the street and Bill showed me the Buddhist Temple and explained..
that relations are a bit strained between street people so that the building has had to become a bit of a fortress.
There are the cranes.  They show up no matter where we go.
Bill spotted this beautifully decorated window.
Here's the zoomed-out view.
A laneway with intriguing hydro poles (sort of a fence?) caught our eye here.
The sign on the next house had some interesting history of the area.

"Of my soul, of my body, of my mind..  nourishment" reads the ceramic art.
The next few photos are of Alexander Place,
an office park for small businesses..  and lots of fences.
Just in case you are wondering where you are.
A tree fence.
A razor fence.
Those darn cranes again.. just kidding.. I've grown to love them.
Eek!  (Bill's first word) coming up to this psychedelic mural..
that I will leave for your perusal.
Industrial fences and cumulous clouds..
and railway cars..
and a bright red yard engine..
were all enclosed by a kazillion fences.
The inside of this carpet place was in stark contrast to the gritty neighbourhood.
Bill waited in the lane while I putzed around in that carpet place.  So, I love this picture.
Then we came to the most interesting fence of all.
It was by Colin Campbell business.  Neither of us know what that is, but the..
fence is a beauty.
We spent some time admiring it.
It seemed almost Italianate.
It was a heritage treasure, and someone valued it enough to keep it..
surrounded by greenery.
This part looked like an ancient archaeological site.
Certainly impressive.
Murals seemed to be..
Lovely old door with rope fence and bicycle (cause I always have to have a bicycle).
The most amazing conglomeration of fences here.
Maybe a Vancouverite will spot the back of Waterfront Station behind and to the left of that cyclist.
Bill clutches Black Jack as she casts her artistic eye on paintings at Harrison Gallery while I cast my appreciative eye on Bill's handsome haircut, as we both sip treats and happily do crossword puzzles in the café after our adventure.
Hope you enjoyed our tour.  Thanks for stopping by and one more thanks to Theresa for her wonderful fence meme.


  1. a lovely photo of the 3 of you. :) i like the first mural with the cherry blossoms. yes, the psyched-out one is a bit crazy for my tastes, too. love that fountain area! so neat!

  2. First off, great haircuts! Lovely portrait of the three of you. Now I have never visited the areas you visited on this blog post. You picked out some very interesting spots to take photographs of and give us a different flavor of Vancouver. It looks so attractive through your lens. Thanks for sharing! Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. I love the first shot of you, Bill and Black Jack. Cute new harido's! The bunnies are cute too. Thanks for the tour of the city, I like the murals. Have a happy weekend!

  4. Seriously … you both seem to get younger and younger. Is it Elvis or all that bike riding? What a great shot of the two of you. Many of the photos in this series make my eyes feel dry. The pictures tell the story of how dry it has been in Vancouver these many weeks. The rain yesterday was so very welcome and refreshing.

  5. Hi Carol,
    This was a very nice tour.
    Thanks for showing us so many possibly older/bohemian/industrial parts of Vancouver.
    I am not surprised the Black Jack got excited about the House Rabbits.
    I wasn't a dog owner when I raised bunnies :)
    The murals are fantastic - I love street art!
    Glad you guys got to hangout and enjoy your day and get some great exercise and fresh air + sun.
    Lovely post!
    Have a Wonderful Day!
    Peace :)