Friday, September 4, 2015

A post for Good Fences #76

Lots of balcony fences for you this week, TexWisGirl.  I hope they will fit into your Good Fences meme reasonably well.  Thanks so much for taking time each week to make sure your fans have a chance to touch base with you :)

This is the view from our 2nd floor balcony window during our first significant rain in many months.  It came along with some heavy winds that I was hoping to show in the photo, but the swaying trees didn't really show up as I thought they might.  Many in Vancouver lost power for a few days, but we were lucky that it held on, here in Yaletown.  Today, we are back to some sunny weather, and are happily noticing the difference in the greenery around us.  There is definitely a perkier feel to the plants, flowers and trees.  Perhaps, we could call it relief :)
 A couple of days ago, we managed to ride our bikes between showers..
and then walked along a small path between some buildings..
with beautifully cared-for balconies.
 Here's a zoomed-out view of the path.
 That led to a lovely fountain and park area.
 The water had been turned off during the drought, so it was lovely to see..
 its return.  I think the ducks were happy too.
 The balconies in this building by that fountain were a bit colder in appearance..
 but the reflections and ground gardens warmed up the atmosphere a lot.
 The park area took us to False Creek, a favourite haunt.
 Black Jack always wants to walk along that ledge.
Bill spotted this colourful windmill on one of the balconies.
 I spotted this smiley face on the rocks below.  I flipped it in iphoto so you could see it right-side up :)
Two days ago, Bill, Black Jack and I decided to go for a walk rather than a ride, as the rain was still around.  
It stopped long enough to catch the shadows at the base of a False Creek fence.
My camera picked up this maze of fencing on the other side of the creek.  There's a walking bridge in the background that looks neat, but doesn't work for doggie paws, so we always carry Black Jack when we cross it.
 That day, we walked the downtown streets to get to Harrison Galleries, and as always, stopped to check out construction sites.  Lots of fencing to be seen.
 We saw that this fellow had a safety harness, but surely, a fence would have been a good idea too.  Guess he doesn't suffer from a fear of heights :)
 The architecture of that building is quite interesting.  I was fascinated to see them lowering a whole section into place.
 Here's a topsy turvy view to give you a better sense of the height (at least 15 floors, we guessed).
 Yesterday morning, I took Black Jack along a section of False Creek that is closer to home.  We practiced her sit-stay and she did well.
 She sure loves when I release her from that stay.
 Here she comes, a bit blurry but happy.  Bill says it looks as though her ears have grown.  Does she look like a Corgi to you?
 And, we decided not to bike yesterday as well, although it turned out to be okay.  Here we are, playing down on the rocky beach.  Can you find Bill?
 Ah..  there he is.  Can you find Black Jack?
 There they are..
 my beautiful "human beans" (Bill suggested that term cause he had beans for lunch.)  I am laughing almost too much to type.  Can you feel it?
Those are our fences for this week.  Thank you so much for stopping by!  Bill says, "Please leave a message."  I say, "Only if you have time."


  1. can always count on bill to be goofy. :) love black jack's running to you. great balconies with blooms and mini-gardens. couldn't work construction to save my life!

  2. Nice to see the black jack running towards you. Great balconies shots.