Monday, September 14, 2015

Impulses and Idyllic Intervals

"I" is the letter of the week for Mrs. Nesbitt's alphabet-themed meme, ABC Wednesday. It's an Invaluable Idea to Improve one's vocabulary and I thank Mrs. Nesbitt for Initiating that creative process. "Thank you" also to Roger GreenReader WilLeslieMelody and Trubes for Interacting with those of us who post; their visits are Immensely appreciated.

I've fallen far behind in blogging. If I were to come close to catching up with all the events in our lives that I'd like to share with you, this post would be Interminable.  Since it is now just about time for a "J" post, perhaps publishing the "I" one will give me the Impetus to start the "J" one sooner.  In the mean time, here are photos to take you almost to the end of August. They Illustrate adventures and Incidents that felt Idyllic to me for sure.

Sunday, August 23
This is Bob Lilley.  He leads a jazz ensemble that we were lucky to hear a couple of weeks ago at Jazz Vespers.  He played the drums with the Initiative and physical strength of a supremely talented youngster, and with the..
Intelligence of an enlightened professional.  His sticks flew across the drums, every touch calculated to send a message that had less to do with "show" and more to do with supporting and highlighting the music.  I don't mind admitting that it is Inspiring to feel the vitality and energy of people in my age ballpark :)
Bill enjoys stellar workmanship and I enjoy the way one's Imagination can add..
Interest to something that many would consider "perfect" as is.  Do you see the piano key Images reflecting high-rise balconies?
Here's a closer look.  I haven't the slightest desire to own an expensive car, and that makes this Incorporation of man and nature's work all the more Inviting.
Monday, August 24
Individual expression is fun, and there was lots of it on this street in Vancouver's.. 
Mount Pleasant community.  The Intensity of the hues..
Impressed me even more on closer views.
The only Imitation was in the common goal of ..
finding unique colour combinations.
Wednesday, August 26
An Inner-city walk a couple of days later revealed lots of creativity as well. 
The new Telus Gardens building shows an Interrelation of art..
and Industry that I admire.
I especially love the tree and leaf Images..
that we only noticed after taking time to explore the Inner details.
As Bill talked with a lady in a construction hat, my heart  Impelled me, for the billionth time, to photograph Black Jack's little feet wrapped around his arms.
Bill Insisted on taking a photo of me that day. Black Jack just missed the frame :)
That evening, we watched a documentary, Bikes vs. Cars.  It was Instrumental..
in bringing home the Idea that an Infrastructure "solution" of "more is better"..
Impedes rather than Increases traffic flow for commuters.
From L.A. to Sau Paulo to Copenhagen, Internationally renowned planners and..
environmentalists pointed out the advantages of bicycles as Inherently brilliant..
modes of transportation.  The photos above were screen shots, but the one below represents just a few of the bicycles that we saw parked outside the theatre. I was touched by the stories of many of the people Interviewed and/or quoted in the documentary, but one story shocked me.  Rob Ford, mayor of Toronto in 2012, spent $300,000 of taxpayers' money to remove(!) the Jarvis Street bike lanes. Whether or not you are a cyclist, this is a movie to see if it comes to your city.  Here are some future dates and cities where it will be shown.
Saturday, August 29
Biking along a familiar stretch of road, I looked up the embankment on my right and felt Irresistibly drawn to Investigate a trail we had passed many times before but never Inspected.  You can see the top of the little trail we climbed up, and the road below, in this photo.
Though just a short path, its tranquility seemed to stretch to Infinity. 
After crossing this little bridge, we were suddenly in familiar territory.  Black Jack was insane with curiosity.  She probably realized that we..
were at the source of a waterfall we had enjoyed at the lower end on previous..
outings. The drought (we've since had rainfall) meant there was no trickle of..
water but we could see our old haunt and  Cosimo Cavallaro's jellybean sculpture through an opening in the trees.  A quick descent took us to.. 
Charleson Park where we stayed for a while, happy to watch the dogs playing.
Later, Bill and Black Jack showed Intrepid zeal and confidence, as they.. 
were Impelled down the hill at breakneck speed to our waiting bikes.  My descent was much less surefooted :)  All in all, a fun outing!
Sunday, August 30
The rain had finally arrived..
and the wind!
and we chose to walk with Black jack in the afternoon. Happening by Stewart Stephenson's art gallery was an Incidental surprise.
I had visited him in a West End location a year and a half earlier (Jan. 25, 2014)..
 and had taken some photos of sculptures..
 suspended high above some very..
colourful walls and partitions.   I didn't Identify the creator of those works, but realized that the artists he features, as well as his own art..
is of great Interest and appeal.  As so often happens, life got in the way of following that up, but coming across his other studio proved my Instincts true.  I was profoundly touched by a painting of his, shown below.
This "Interpretive" work expresses horrific pain, but the fact that Marta Wise,  

(she is at the centre of the photo) is now alive and living in Israel in spite of what for most would have been Insurmountable odds, is a testament to the strength of the human spirit.  You can read her story and that of her sister in this Globe and Mail article.  
Stewart Stephenson's versatility is, to me, Ingenious.  He told us that a good part of his Income comes from commissions, some from as far away as South Africa.  He is making a living doing what he loves while expressing emotions and thoughts that might otherwise be lost. Our Impulse to walk through his studio led to Illumination and pleasure.  He is open to visits, enjoys answering questions and he likes dogs too :) Here's one more work that he told us he created for his young niece.  I haven't even touched on the strong colours that are featured in many of his works.  If you are in the Vancouver area, I heartily recommend a visit.
Now, the big question is to see whether this will publish before "I" expires.  Wish me luck.  Many, many thanks for taking time to Investigate life in our world :)


  1. Hello Carol, wonderful post. Awesome so much happening in your world. I love the reflections in the car and the colorufl houses in the community. Bill took a cute shot of you! And Black Jack always steal the show for me. Great collection of images. Have a happy new week ahead!

  2. It is intriguing how apartment segments reflected so much like piano keys on the surface of the beautifully polished car. There are so many designs and patterns to see everywhere in this post. But I have to say the second rain photo, the one with the umbrellas, has an ease and flow to it that captured my imagination. :)

  3. Wow, you used some many "I" words in your posts. It was quite the creative use of words, creative use of photos. Love all the reflections, patterns and colors in your images.

  4. The letter is this week used in so many ways!
    I love this entry and your photograps..and i love big cars but drive a little one, the bigger ones are too expensive ;-)

    Thank you for thanking me and the others, we love the participants and are always looking forward to their post !!

    Have a nice abc-w-week and day today
    ♫ Mel☺dy ♫

  5. You notice how musicians never grow old, not really.
    Love those houses.
    Sorry to be so latr; usually I check the latecomers over the weekend.

    ROG, ABCWr