Friday, September 18, 2015


Posting to TexWisGirl's Good Fences meme today.  This is her 78th post.  Thanks, Theresa.  We look forward to our visits to your blog!

We were on a downtown plaza next to Waterfront Station a few days ago.  That walkway takes passengers from the station to the seabus.
 Lots of fences all around us. Below, you can barely see the skytrain going back to its terminus.
 The seabus disappears under the terminal roof.  Just the mast can be seen.  Between the cranes and the seabus, a helicopter is ready to take off.
 These are the steps leaving the plaza.  From there, we headed back to Harrison Galleries.
 On the way, I noticed this makeshift fence protecting a small patch of grass by a parking lot.  Black Jack begs Bill for a treat.  She knows it's a good time to do that when I'm occupied with the camera.
 I love this new Stewart Jones painting that we saw at Harrison's.  Now THAT's a fence with character! (as opposed to the one above)  :)
Another day we visited Crab Park.  
Bill and Black Jack communed while I took fence shots.
Here, we're leaving the park and crossing the bridge to Gastown.
 We stopped on the bridge to look at the trains passing underneath.
 I love this shot!
 Here comes the West Coast Express on the left.  It's a race!  Bill just told me the one on the right is only parked there, but you didn't know that.  Right?
 Shake, rattle and roll as it passed directly under us.
 How many times in life have I been this close to a Lamborghini?  We saw it at the end of the bridge.  Still a fence in the background to make it legal.
 Another day we biked around Coal Harbour.  I had never noticed this O Miles/Km sign on this fence.
 I've shown the Rowing Club fence many times but..
 noticed a few more details..
 that day.
 Seaplane coming in here,
 and lovely views of the trees..
 with Autumn colours starting.
 No fence but had to include this.
 This is an old fence at the top of a steep hill that we usually avoid with our bikes.
And yesterday, I thought Bill looked pretty cool behind these rocks in front..
of the seawall on Sunset..Beach.  Black Jack led him a merry chase as usual.
That's it for today.  Many thanks for stopping by.  Happy fence watching!


  1. lots of nice railings, fences, barricades, walls. love that cool painting! :) the multitude of shipping containers at those ports, etc. always amazes me!

  2. Loved seeing the railroad tracks, wonderful painting. Great series of shots!

  3. Hello Carol, awesome collection of fences and photos. I love the reflections, the painting and the shot of Bill and Back Jack! The trees are lovely too. Great post, enjoy your weekend!

  4. Hi Carol,
    These photos are perfect for the Good Fences meme.
    I especially loved the fence in the painting.
    Have a Lovely Weekend!
    Peace :)

  5. wow, so much to look at. A busy place normally I think. I loved all the fences, trains and every thing else. Could spend a few days taking shots of it :)

  6. This was fantastic. There were a number of really great fences. I especially liked the one in the painting and the blue fence above or near the trains. Also liked the picture of Bill and Black Jack. - Oh and that car was pretty awesome too.