Friday, September 11, 2015

"Good Fences" post

Posting to TexWisGirl's Good Fences meme today.  Thanks so much, Theresa!

We explored some downtown heritage buildings a few days ago.  This was in the originally BCTel building.   
 The fire escapes at the back of the building..
 were fascinating.
The alleyway had iron railings in front of the first-floor windows.
We walked through an alley and came across this ornate fence.
This is a closer look at the fence behind..
 the Gotham Restaurant.
 Vancouver's Stanley Park Seawall has been featured many times on my blog.  A couple of days ago, Black Jack led Bill down the steps..
 and onto the shoreline..
 where she happily investigated every detail before..
 turning to check out..
 the driftwood by the wall.
 Bill gave her a hand up :)
 Here's a view of one side of the driftwood.  More about it in another post.
 This is another part of the seawall, 
and a small portion of the fence that separates the swimming pool on the other side of the path.
 It is closed for the season; the seal slide looks happy to be on vacation.
The gulls are also keeping a vigil.
We sat on a park bench in front of this last fence that day and enjoyed the sea air.
On another outing, we looked at the fences that enclose Yaletown's brick warehouses, built on rail platforms.  Here is a link for more history on that subject.  We had never noticed this strange sculpture before.  Perhaps, it is a stylized sail representing Vancouver's maritime life.  It can also double as a coffee-cup rest..
 and a seat :)
There's Bill, saying "Hi" to all fence lovers and thanks again to Theresa for the great meme.  Until next week, au revoir.


  1. (bill's comment cracked me up). i love the pic of him and black jack in the old tree snag. love the view of the water thru the fence section. nice building details! thanks, c,b&bj!

  2. Great to see the old building, guess it is the Gotham building now. Lovely images!

  3. Fire escapes down the walls of buildings are interesting architecturally as well as lifesavers. I don’t think the newer apartments have them but it is nice to see them in the older buildings. I recall as a child learning about the fire escapes in Montreal. As an extra precaution, I vaguely recall old sheets tied together at a bedpost in case of fire … ready to be used in an emergency like a rope out the nearest window. Thankfully, no one ever had to use them as far as I know. :)

  4. You find more varied fences than anyone!

  5. Sorry to be so late getting by. (Better late then never though, right?) - Anyway what a wonderful array of fence shots here today. I loved the Fire Escape shots, great angles. Also the Gotham shot was really cool. - You did such a great job capturing the fences at different perspectives. - Jack looked so cute perched on that driftwood. - Very enjoyable post.