Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Commutes last week

I've been uploading pictures throughout the past week, and waiting for some free moments to come along when I could add some commentary. The time rushed on, and now, it's early Saturday morning. I'll be leaving shortly to check out Jean's suggestion (see comments to last post) - Capilano River Regional Park with Bill. That will mean more pictures, so it seems these commute pictures from last week should have their moment, commentary or not. Here they are, in random order.

From the Lions Gate Bridge on Wednesday, the 21st.
Stanley Park, also on Wednesday, right after crossing the Lions Gate.

This swan swam up, took a look at me, and then continued on its search for dinner.
The Burrard Bridge, after leaving Stanley Park.
Lately, whenever I cross the Burrard Bridge, the bird songs (my guess would be starlings or maybe grackles) are almost frantic. Like pigeons, these birds fly short distances back and forth, always turning as a unit. Bill noted that they look like little fighter planes. This Burrard flock then takes a few moments to sit on the bridge rafters/beams before continuing their, to me, very strange flight.

This was on Tuesday, the 20th, on the bike path to the Lions Gate, heading South.

Monday, the 19th, again from the Lions Gate.

The Sylvia Hotel by Stanley Park, on Monday, the 19th. I am about half way home at this point.
Zoomed in..
Zoomed in more.
These pigeons were doing a similar fly-by routine (over The Sylvia) to that of the starlings over The Burrard.
This one goes back to Tuesday. I stopped on 1st Avenue near Cypress to take some orange flowers, and instead, was taken with the long grasses against the traffic sign.
And just a parting shot of Black Jack taken during a walk at Jericho.
The object of Black Jack's interest. All for now, but will be back soon with an account of the Capilano adventure.


  1. Have fun today! I hope you get to see the salmon working their way upriver.
    Those first few shots are so remarkably sharp and brilliant. I especially love the one of the swan. Great shot!

  2. More beautiful pics from sunny October days. I really like that gigantic maple leaf that has hitched a ride on your bike.

    The Sylvia Hotel looks like it's being smothered by the Virginia Creeper plant. Window washers would have to be gardeners and trim it's growth from around the glass.

    From Wikipedia: "[This plant] adheres to the surface by disks rather than penetrating roots, it will not harm the masonry". That's good to know.

  3. Thanks Jean and Fred the Dog.

    Jean, your suggestion was a good one. We enjoyed the day, and I learned a lot too.

    Fred the Dog, that's really interesting about the discs. I had wondered about the wall safety factor.

  4. First pic makes me miss home... I miss the sea.