Sunday, October 4, 2009

Low Key Saturday

It is earlyish on Sunday morning, and here I am blogging again. Strange how sometimes the urge is there, and other times, it sort of fades away. In an hour or so, we will leave for a trip to Reifel, a migratory bird sanctuary. I'm looking forward to seeing it for the first time. The only tiny drawback is that Black Jack cannot go in the sanctuary with us, but she will stay in the truck where she always seems to be very comfortable in her soft bed (she has a brand new extra luxurious one that Bill bought her at the Saints Silent Auction), and I've promised myself not to leave her alone for more than about an hour.

All the pictures for this post were taken yesterday. They are in order of taking, except for this first one. It's very similar to one I took exactly a week ago. I think it even comes from the same tree at Jericho Park.
A new art teacher at my school has started a photography club for our students. I would love to join it, but have to think carefully about time commitments. I saw her telling the students to get right up to the tree trunk for shots looking up. I tried that yesterday during a walk through the military grounds.
Black Jack and I crossed over 4th Avenue from the military grounds into Jericho Park. I looked up and saw an osprey flying with a crow. It was very, very high up in the sky. I'm surprised the camera picked it up at all. I wonder if it could be Rose and her crow friend.
Another view way up high in the sky. Just little specs. But when I got home and checked out the picture, I saw they were geese. Usually, I see them flying much lower.
Black Jack insisted that we do our mandatory walk by the rabbit bushes. This cutie was sitting up as straight and as still as could be.
A mallard, with its beautiful navy patch showing.
Military exercise. I thought the soldiers blended into the Fall day rather nicely. Bill said that from a distance, we could call it the Zombie walk.
Just a sweet puppy having a great day. I didn't get its name, nor did I talk with its humans very much, but was given permission to take pics.
This was about a three-second rest break before it sprung to action again.
On the way home, I was struck by the contrast in leaf colors.
Later in the afternoon, Bill drove me around town so I could do some errands. These dogs were tied up outside London Drugs on West Broadway. I took the shot from the truck window. I was going to crop out the bicycle but then thought better of it. I mean, this blog is supposed to be about bikes as well as birds and beasts.
There are some bushes outside the Safeway grocery store, and as I walked by, bird singing was un-missable. It's amazing how much happy (to me) sound these little finches(?) can produce. I had to work a bit to get the photo. Most of them (I would guess there to be a very large number of them) stayed hidden inside the bushes. This little one finally did me the honor of an appearance.
Home for a nap, supper, more Duchess episodes, and then fairly early to bed. That was my low key and very enjoyable Saturday.


  1. I hope you have a great time at Reifel Sanctuary. I'm wondering if the snowbirds have arrived yet? I know the sanctuary is right on their migratory path and they are often all over the fields in the surrounding area sometime in the late fall.
    My two favourite shots from your low key Saturday: (1) Boxer, Bike and Friend - both the kong-on-a-rope hanging from the boxer's mouth and the bike tire enhance the picture; I can envision it framed and hung on a wall. Love it! (2) Awwww - birdie with head tilt. What is it about head tilts that make us go Awwwwww? LOL

  2. ooops - don't know where my brain is at today. That would be the Snow Geese I was wondering about (not the Canadian men and women who do fancy flying in planes!). And now I'm thinking it is the Trumpter Swans that migrate through the area this time of year and can be seen all over the fields - snow geese are here most of the year. LOL

  3. I would agree with Jean and say that the boxer, bike and bitty dog picture is my favorite. Nicely done. and Carol, you could be running that photography club!

  4. Thanks, Jean. Sorry I'm so slow responding. It's been a long work week, but Saturday morning is here and I am very happy about that! I explored a couple of sites, trying to learn a bit about the differences between Snow Geese (I knew exactly what you meant:) and Trumpeter Swans. I spent one year in Fraser Lake and the arrival of the Trumpeter Swans was heralded with great enthusiasm every winter. I didn't learn a lot, but I'm guessing the Snow Geese at Reifel will be due any day. We didn't see any last weekend.

    To both Cristina and Jean - any feedback about the pics, including constructively critical ones are so appreciated. And thanks, Cristina, but honestly, don't you think I should check out that manual first:)