Friday, October 9, 2009

A Walk Around the school in North Vancouver on Thursday

On Thursday, my friend Dianne visited me at school. We went for little walk; it was amazing how many things there were to see, and how much action there was in such a short time.

There were lots of flowers. This one caught the sunlight and my eye.
Then we met a man carrying a snake. We learned that it was a corn snake, and had been found in someone's garden, probably let go when its human either lost it or decided it wasn't that much fun to take care of. The man had named her Queenie.
Here, Dianne is holding it. I also had the opportunity to hold it (although no pics to prove it) and was very taken with what seemed to be such a gentle personality. It stretched its head up and looked at me quite curiously, I thought. Its eyes were mauve (it seemed to me) and I was told it is partly Albino. It was only the second time in my life that I've held a snake. The last time was a very large one, also a pet, that we met during a band trip to Boston. If you have never tried it, their skin is not at all slimy. In fact, it has a smooth, silky feel to it.
A lady came along and gave me permission to post her picture with Queenie. She seemed to know quite a bit about reptiles, and was thrilled to make Queenie's acquaintance.
It was a wonderful experience meeting Queenie. Isn't she beautiful? Thank you to the man for rescuing her, and for volunteering with the reptile rescue.

As we continued on our walk, we came across many happy dogs playing. It turned out to be a regular play group that meets every afternoon. I didn't get the names of the dogs, but took a few pictures.
Dogs and children understand play. They just do, and I savor every opportunity to learn from them. There was joy in all of the dogs, and it was definitely communicable.

There are many bird houses in the area, each one a creative and artistic feat. This is the latest one to go up.
Dianne and I parted, both of us the better for our outing. Here's to fun walks on beautiful days!


  1. Thanks for your last three blog entries. The weather in October is proving to be blog-perfect as they say.

    It is amazing what you come up with on your various adventures. Who would expect someone to be taking a corn snake for a walk on a sunny day? Snakes are cold blooded so I hope someone knits it a sweater for winter, although I hear it will be very mild this year.

  2. Carol, looks like you have beautiful weather at your place, it is getting cold and gloomy here. Beautiful pictures, but I don't know about getting to the snake that close, lol. Anna :)

  3. We just met a corn snake recently as well. It may have been Queenie, in fact, as it was a reptile rescue society that had them out. I'll post a picture of Lucas with it on my blog! Btw, I love that last birdhouse. Is it a recycled computer?

  4. Thanks for the comments, everyone!

    Fred the Dog, it was quite a surprise to meet that snake. Not your run of the mill walk, I guess. I hadn't thought about a sweater, but as you say, a mild winter is on the way. (I heard it too.)

    Anna, we have been really blessed this Fall with amazing weather. And, I think you would have liked that corn snake. It was a surprise to me how gentle and curious it was.

    Cristina, I had a look at your photos (comment to come soon:). They're great. Your kids sure are having the best introduction to the natural world anyone could ever ask for.