Saturday, October 17, 2009

The sun came out

The forecast for Saturday was rain, and I decided to take advantage of that to get some work done. Black Jack isn't a big fan of showers, and was happy to get her exercise chasing a ball inside. One of the benefits of being only 12 pounds.

Around one o'clock, the sun made a surprise appearance, even managing to sneak into my light-starved apartment. It was compelling and irresistible. We headed over to Jericho, patches of blue sky growing as we walked.
The pond soaked up the red-orange-gold colors.
The Canada Geese came over to take a look.
Across the pond, I was happy to see this heron. I wonder if a few of them will stay around for the winter. A second one flew in as well, but only stayed a few seconds, and I didn't manage to catch it. They didn't seem particularly friendly with each other.
I was amusing myself with the antics of the geese as they skidded in for landings,
and almost missed the snow geese.
I wonder if they were stragglers on their way to Reifel Bird Sanctuary.
Small numbers of them, maybe ten or twelve at a time, flew by every few minutes. They didn't come down to land.

Black Jack urged me to leave the pond area for a little walk around the rabbit bushes.

On the way back, I admired the trees, but Black Jack found other entertainment. Our "leave it" command has not been successful, and I finally..
..put her on this bench, with the command to stay. She obeyed, but the quizzical look on her face told me she was mystified at my behaviour. Poor Black Jack.

I was checking out these raindrops on branches, when..
..a flash of orange caught my camera's eye - a lucky glimpse under a Northern Flicker's wing.
On the way home, I took my last picture of two unidentifiable objects on the other side of the pond. Only later, looking at the photos, did I see these two turtles. We arrived home just as the rain began again. Perfect!
Last evening, Bill and I saw Julie and Julia, a movie that is still with me this morning. The lobster scene nearly did me in, but I found myself soul searching about vegetarianism, blogging, relationships and the characteristics I see in common between Bill and the two male protagonists. I even found Julie's blog, and did some googling about Julia's life. If the mark of a good movie is stimulating thought, then this one rated fairly high.

That was Saturday. Time to get on with Sunday. Have a good one.


  1. Hello Carol.
    Many good pictures in this serie:I really like the flying ducks among the trees.
    There's an answer to your question about lions in my blog.
    I wish you a nice week.


  2. Some lovely shots! The flicker is particularly nice... and the shot of Black Jack on the bench made me LOL. This is a WALK, silly person, not a sit!

  3. I love the shots of the snow geese, but I especially love the one of the Northern Flicker - the colour under the wings is just beautiful!
    Now that the salmon are running here, there is lots of splashing and diving in the bay - herons perched on poles, many kinds of ducks, and very large flippin' fish flying up out of the water practically in front of their noses - er, beaks. I wish I had the skills you have to capture all that action!

  4. Thanks for the comments, everyone!

    Andrea, your site is amazing. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in wildlife. Thanks for the answer to my question.

    Carole, you took the words right out of Black Jack's mouth:)

    Oh Jean, I want to see what you're seeing! Such a busy time for me right now, even on the weekends, and I do hear there will be rain for the next while, but if I can find an hour or two to get out, I know it will be worth it. I'm wondering if the salmon will still be running and where the closest place is to see them.
    P.S. I really enjoy your photographs - if you do manage to capture some of that action, it will be wonderful to see.

  5. Carol, you are very close to an excellent place to view them: Capilano River Regional Park. Here's the link to the information:

  6. Thanks so much, Jean! We had a look at the site, and are hoping to check out Capilano this weekend. I'm looking forward to it.

  7. Carol,

    My daughter gets the same look on her face as Black Jack's when I say she can't do whatever it is she was doing. And my daughter is 15! I think Carole's answer to what Black Jack was thinking is the nice version! There should be a "Fine, whatever!" in there too!

    What type of camera do you use for all these lovely shots? I never seem to remember to carry my camera with me and get stuck with the slightly blurred pics from my cellphone.

  8. Thanks for the comment, Oregonsunshine. Had to smile at your interpretation, as I teach teenagers:) Actually, I think Black Jack was genuinely confused that day, as I've never put her on a bench and told her to "stay" before.

    I use a Nikon D90, and have it with me almost all the time, unless it's raining. It's a pain to carry, but every time I leave it behind, the best photo ops happen.

  9. Carol you always surprise me, love the photo of the norther flicker, we had many of them here this year, it was nice treat. Excellent shots, every one of them. Have a good weekend. Anna :)

  10. I got a sleeve for my husband's Cannon 10D last Christmas for rain. However, he's not used it as much as I think he should and he's not used it in the rain yet. (He takes the blurry legged Casey photos I sometimes post).

  11. Love the blog! Your bird photos are excellent!