Friday, October 16, 2009

Riverside and Sarah

In the daily get up, go to work, come home, fall into bed existence, taking note of life beyond the job is good. It is not only good, it is necessary. Riding my bike, playing with Black Jack, some time and a glass of wine with Bill.. these things replenish in a way that even sleep doesn't.

And yesterday, a few minutes by the riverside in the middle of the day. No momentous happenings, but the splashes of color in the Sumac leaves,
the berries along the path,
and a mallard, brought energy.
The softer shades of a mystery duck that I haven't identified,
and water ripples stimulated curiosity and imagination. The skinny orange leg reflections brought a smile,
as did the expressions of crow and duck communication.
Heading back along the path to school, I stopped for one more color shot,
and came across 14-year-old Sarah. I was honored that she took a moment to look up,
when what was really important was gathering the smell of the land.
"She's lost her hearing," said Sarah's human, "but her sense of smell has taken right over."
"She's lovely," I said. "Yes, she's pretty special to me," was the reply.
Back in school, preparing a midterm for today, the warmth lingered. It hung around as I cycled home. Sharing the photos with Bill last evening, and doing a post this morning, brings it back, and starts this work day off just right. As they say, "Have a good one!"


  1. I thing Mother Nature designed Fall colors as a way to cheer us up before Winter. It works for me.

    Then she figured out that our animal friends, wild and otherwise, will cheer us up any old time. Sarah the dog does that for me.

  2. Thanks, Fred the Dog. You are so right!

  3. Sarah IS just so precious!

    My Freya is 8 now. She's begun to practice selective hearing. If she is "hunting" (small vermin in the scrub brush), she will look at me then ignore me. If I walk half way to where she is,she quits ignoring me and will come. Unless I have a cookie. Then she can hear me just fine 3 football fields away! Funny how that works!