Wednesday, July 4, 2012

ABC Wednesday and the letter "Y"

In a Vancouver community garden, I spotted this "Y" and thought of ABC Wednesday.
 As it turned out, It was the last letter of the word "Joy" but it still felt perfect, because..
that takes me to another "Y" word that, as a retired teacher, is never far from my thoughts.  Yes, I'm fairly sure you guessed it - Youth.  I gradually learned over the course of my career that we have much to learn from young people.
 I think these pictures of students who attended my last school might (sort of) bring the "Y" shape to mind.  Yippee!
 Seeing snow for the first time is one of those "Yahoo" moments for many international students. 
A couple of years ago, I took this picture of Bill.  It makes me happy to look at it again.  I love his youthful attitude and there is a sort of "Y" shape there too.  Yes!
I think there is a yearning in all of us to stay in touch with our inner child.  Below is another of those times when I spotted the "Y" and then realized it was the last letter of two great words someone had carefully placed along the beach.
Over the past week, I have taken note of all things yellow.  These were in Raven's garden on Salt Spring Island, and she told me they are called Thunbergia.
There were lots of other wonderful yellow flowers..
to be seen..
in gardens and pathways in the village of Ganges when we visited Salt Spring.  If you look carefully near the door of the building, I think you may spot another "Y" shape in this photo.
This mural was also in Ganges.  It has yellow butterflies, and there's that "Y" shape again.  As I looked around for Y's in nature, it became pretty obvious that just about every tree had some form of a Y within its branches.  It occurs to me that reaching out to the world around us (as trees and bloggers do) can bring harmony, health and the yin and yang balance we all seek in life.
This tree was also in Ganges.  
I think the fruit on it may be a kind of pear, but perhaps a reader will help me out with a more certain identification.
The rest of these "Y" shapes were seen over the past couple of weeks in Vancouver.  Some are more abstract than others, but all yielded great fun just in spotting them.
A water fountain in the park
Same fountain, water frozen.. 
by choosing a very fast shutter speed.
Tree by English Bay.
Grass in David Lam Park after the rain.
Couldn't resist one more tree.
In the community garden again.
Walking along Davie Street, I looked up as I passed the Opus Hotel.
I swear I saw a "Y" but maybe you had to be there :)
The Cambie Bridge with reflection.  Off in the distance, the city forms the stem of the "Y" 
The Granville Bridge - same idea for the "Y" shape.  
A supporting beam under a dock at Granville Island with sun reflections and shadows.
And, this last one I posted before in Skywatch Friday, but at the time, I didn't see the "Y"

Thank you for visiting the blog, everyone.  For more "Y" ideas from around the  world, check out ABC Wednesday.  You will be amazed!


  1. Great shots! I really love the reflection of the Cambie Bridge and the last one of the clouds! Nicely done, Carol. And yes, we must get together.

  2. Do you work on these as much as it appears you do? Because you always put in a YEOWOMAN'S effort on your posts
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

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  4. Beautiful captures Carol -- You have risen to Yet another challenging letter, Yikes :>-

  5. I'm always so amazed at your photos, you have such a keen eye for catching what I'm afraid I miss. Your Y cloud and Y's in the trees are fantastic.

  6. I like the human Y shape and the skY space between the clouds. I so enjoy your creative approach to finding letters of the alphabet in the environment. The more one looks the more one finds it seems when an image of a letter comes to mind. :)

  7. Such delightful display of photos Carol, love it.

    Rose, ABC Wednesday Team

  8. Haven't been commenting much lately (nor blogging myself) but thought I'd put in my $0.02 worth:
    I remember fondly the photo of Bill atop the climbing toy.
    And I DO see several Ys in the Opus Hotel pic--some upside down.
    These ABC osts, and the Skywatch ones, really suit you--gives you a chance to share your photography in an imaginative new way!

  9. Doing the ABC meme certainly keeps your grey cells polished and raring to go. Enjoyed the post.

  10. Hello.
    Great shots! It must have been fun spotting so many Y's. Love the yellow flowers...yellow is one of my favorite colors and the color always makes me smile. Nice post. Thanks for sharing.

    You Make My Eyes Beautiful

  11. Your photos are showing beautiful Y's! Thanks for sharing!

  12. You are, indeed, a master at being a "y" sleuth!
    Great entries!! A FEAST!

  13. Lots of wonderful and creative "Y"s. My favourite is the fun one of Bill.