Friday, July 13, 2012

Skywatch Friday, Photography Question, and Busker Festival

Once again, my post breaks up into three sections:
2. Help to make a choice for a photography competition
3. The last 3 days of the Vancouver International Busking Festival to your attention.

I learned something over this past week of beautiful weather in Vancouver.  In fact, a cloudless sky can be rather boring.  I quickly add that most Vancouverites will take "boring" in a heartbeat.  Summer felt like a long time coming, and now that it's here, most are taking full advantage of it.

Cloudless skies were sometimes brighter and sometimes a bit smog-filled, but mostly, they made great backgrounds to highlight a few Vancouver treasures.
Bald Eagle Chick #1 in Vanier Park 
Also chick #1.  Both siblings have a bit over 2 weeks of flying under their belt.
Sibling #2.  S/he looks so confident!
Another look at sibling #2.  I think s/he is giving me "the eye" before landing.
Walking over the Granville Bridge on Tuesday evening.
Some smog over False Creek Thursday afternoon.
A second later, but looking in the opposite direction.  Bright blue skies here.
The top of The Sun Building, yesterday, after watching buskers downtown yesterday.
Woodward's building, taken yesterday as well.
Last evening, as the sun set over False Creek, I noticed the first wisps of clouds in days.
Zoomed out, the same clouds were almost impossible to see.  This is the dock to the Aquabus.
Looking in the opposite direction, towards Granville Bridge.
A few minutes later, the wisps are becoming more noticeable.
A seagull enjoys the sunset with me.
Nightfall, but with iso at 1600, the camera pulls blue light from the sky and water.
A gentleman draws my attention to wave patterns.  We talk about photography and life.
I bid "good-night" but as i walk away, more wave patterns catch my eye.

First, a HUGE "thank-you" to those who helped me out by choosing favourites from photos in this post.  I made a little scoring system (5 points for a 1st choice, and 3 points for a second choice. The theme is "Together" and the two favourites chosen from my last post were #1 (Five people made it a first choice, so 25 points) and #2 (4 people chose it first, and 2 people made it a second choice, so 26 points).  I have added a few pictures taken since.  It would be really, really appreciated if you could vote one more time, choosing only one from the following eight shots.  Thank you, thank you! 
Below are the buskers I was able to see over the past couple of days.  There are three days left to encourage a busker, some of whom have traveled half way across the world to be here.  Here's a link to the schedule.  Every show has been a lot of fun, showing perhaps equal amounts of wit, talent and sheer hard work. 

Don't be fooled by this audience volunteer's lack of response.  His act was excellent, and all the more so, since he worked against some pretty difficult odds.
This was as animated as she became.  Her shirt caption is perfect :)
I wondered for a moment or two if this was a statue,
but caught the split second when she opened her eyes.
All the way from Australia. 
Under the leg.
Two-person juggling act.  Must be tricky!

She had the greatest smile!

Talk about being fit!

One-handed lift!

He lifted her up and down as though she were a barbell!
That's it for today.  Thanks, as always for reading, and double-thanks if you can find the time to select a photo from the second section.  Don't forget to check out Skywatch Friday for other sky shots around the world, and have a wonderful weekend!


  1. All the action shots are wonderful. I still like what is now #2 for the contest but am also partial to #4 because the pair look so animated as they approach one another. You are so lucky to have the buskers practically at your doorstep and I am so lucky to enjoy it all through your lens. :)

  2. My choices are #1 (still) and #6 because they look so "together" as the theme goes. Love all your photos, especially the sun setting under the Burrard Bridge. I was out walking the trail at Centennial Beach (Boundary Bay Regional Park) yesterday but it got SO hot! Tomorrow my friend & I are going to be in the "Boot Sale" at the beach! Come on down if you want to see a part of the 'burbs. :D

  3. For me, it is a toss-up between 1 and 2, with 6 running close behind.
    Both 1 and 2 have photographic merits and, I think, photographic flaws (though both are great pics!). In #1, the green blur which extends all the way to the bottom of the left hand side seems a bit problematic.

    In #2, the background is a bit cluttered for my liking - I think it is the Granville Island tent which distracts me, not the audience - but over all I would probably choose this one. I like how it represents 'togetherness' as a cooperative, dynamic action instead of a snuggling, cosy one. It has spirit and pizazz!
    There, I've talked myself into it - I vote for number 2.

  4. Photo #2 is still my favorite and #4 is my second choice.

    Enjoyed all the sunset pics. Lucky for the buskers we finally have days with lots of sun.

  5. Love the eagles, but the buskers are great. Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  6. I think my favorite shot is the one of the seagull with the Burrard Bridge and yellow sky in the background. For the together shots I am a sucker for the baby birds, so the first one's my fav. The variety of buskers you have found is wonderful. thanks for sharing these.

  7. That looks like an awesome festival, nice shots. And those eagles are awesome!

  8. Great photos! Love all the flight shots and enjoyed the festival also!

  9. The flight shots are amazing as well as those beautiful skies.Looks like awesome festive mood there:)Have a great weekend!


  10. What a wonderful series of shots.

  11. Oh heck..... I have finally chosen number l although I also love number 2!! Phyllis

  12. Lovely delicate sunset. I like the two with the yellow light surrounding the line of the bridge.

  13. Hi Carol, Here I am with a follow up about the smog over Vancouver you mentioned … it seemed more noticeable than usual. I was reading in the paper today that this could be from a Siberian fire and particles that have traveled all the way across the Pacific Ocean to BC. Apparently, this is causing double levels of what we normally see. It is a borderless world when it comes to such things.

  14. Hi there - I'd go with Number 1 I think!

    Nice post.

    I've been away for a week, hence the slow reply - lots of pictures and posts to follow.

    SM - Australia

  15. I love the eagle shots and the sunset shot with the seagull. Well done and a great collection.

  16. What a fantastic selection of shots - for your competition entry my choice would be number 1 - you have posted so many interesting pics - love the eagles and sunsets - thanks for sharing Jane UK

  17. Fantastic Pics! I vote for #4.I would love to visit that street fair, it looked so fun !