Friday, July 27, 2012

Skywatch Friday, Season 6, Episode 3

Some skies, some birds, a wonderful theatre performance, and a walk over the Granville Bridge have been highlights in a very good week.  
Evening walk by Sunset Beach, English Bay, Vancouver

A trip to Port Moody to see the osprey family.
Bill and I have named them Matt, Mimi, and baby Pat. 
Mimi, with eyes bulging: "I can't do a thing with that child.  S/he won't even look at me."
Pat: "Why is she in such a bad mood?"
Pat: "I'm the one who is practically starved to death."
Mimi: "Matt, if you don't come home soon, I'll.."
Pat: "Aw, Ma.  I'm trying to be good.  Really."
A stick?  Where's the fish.
Matt: "I tried, but the fish just aren't there today.  We can use this to work on the nest."
Mimi: "Well, you are going to have to discipline that child.  I've been alone here and..  blah, blah..."
Pat: "Careful, Pa.  She's in a really bad mood."
Matt: "You watch, Pat.  This is how it's done." Taps Mimi on the nose.  "Aw, come on, Mimi.  It can't be that bad."
"Not that bad!  Are you kidding?  How dare you...  blah, blah, blah..."
Matt: "Guess we better lay low for a bit, Pat.  She'll come round.  She always does."
Pat: "I dunno, Dad.  She's looks pretty upset."
 Stopping by Colony Farm on the way home

The new Port Mann Bridge, seen from Colony Farm
View just before sunset
 From the truck as we drive back to Vancouver
I saw the profile of a bearded man in the silver lining of the dark cloud at the bottom left.
Bill saw a dog (Scottie?) in the blue section.
Seconds later, both images have shifted.  What do you see?
Looking up, and to my left, this tree appeared to stand against the clouds.
A second or two later, it found bright blue sky to rest against.
 2nd trip to Port Moody to visit the osprey family
Mimi: "Well now, that's more like it!  Give me that fish.  I'm starving!"
Pat: "Hmph! Why do I always get fed last."
Matt (proudly): "I knew she'd come round."
Stopping by Colony Farm (again)
Can anyone help me identify this lovely bird?
The old Port Mann Bridge can be seen between the cables of the new Port Mann Bridge.
Interesting article about the bridges at this link.

A song sparrow (?) singing his little heart out.
 Cormorant landing in False Creek, near my apartment

 Stanley Theater to see "Buddy: The Buddy Holly Story"
Bill and I LOVED this musical.  If you are in Vancouver, or thinking of coming to Vancouver,  go see it!
It is on until August 26th.  I'm repeating the link to order tickets and read reviews.
Before the show, we walked along the streets near the theatre and I checked out the skies.
We both liked these banners.  (They seem to change every month or so, but this one even has The Stanley on it.)
It's a lovely old theatre and I'm very glad it has been saved from demolition.
Zachary Stevenson in the title role was so good, we thought he might have equalled Buddy's talent and energy.
It will be physically impossible to stop tapping your toes.
In fact, every single actor and musician in this show is outstanding.
 False Creek Ferry to Granville Island and a walk home over the Granville Bridge
In my opinion (and Black Jack's), these little boats are the best thing since sliced bread.
Reflections under the Granville Bridge
Seymour, the seagull (named by the fishermen)
Up those steps, turn right, and we'll be on the bridge.  (First time for Bill.  3rd for me)
First time I noticed the underside of the bridge from this angle.
Bill said, "Everyone should walk over the bridge at least once."
We noticed for the first time the incredible height of this tree.  Nine stories and counting..
I'd love to hear that this inspires someone to walk over their own city/town bridge.
Looking west.
Looking East, over Granville Island
Just before the sun disappears.
It's a long way down, but Black Jack is totally relaxed.  She knows she is in the best hands.
Completed the year I was in Grade 1 (although I lived in Quebec and had never heard of The Granville Bridge).
Just over the bridge, and neither of us can believe the height of that crane!
Thank you for the wonderful times, Bill!
Thank you to all for stopping by.  You can see more amazing skies around the world at SKYWATCH FRIDAY.


  1. What a wonderful blog and I love this post .your photo,s of the birds are great and those skies are stunning. I am your newest follower.

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  3. Wow, what a fabulous post. The shots of the osprey are amazing. All the shots are great for that matter. Wonderful skies and scenery and the town shots are great too.

  4. Hi there - what a great set of pictures - must be wonderful to be able to get on first name terms with a family of osprey!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Australia

  5. Such a lovely collection of gorgeous views and vistas!
    Love the little dog! Is it a dachshund?
    A wonderful weekend to you,

  6. Lol … lots of funny dialogue going on between those birds! I wouldn’t be surprised if you caught the gist of what was going on. Love the silver lining photos and can imagine heaven through those clouds. One of these days I plan on taking a stroll over that bridge … so many great opportunities for photos from there!

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