Friday, July 6, 2012

Skywatch Friday, Season 5, Week 52

Vancouver is enjoying its 3rd day of real summer.  Already, last Monday's grey skies seem like forever ago.  The mist, viewed through an archway under the Burrard Bridge, had a hazy enchantment of its own. 
On Wednesday, just before we left for an adventure day, I stood in front of my apartment building, blue skies over David Lam Park..
and over The Roundhouse, sending a jolt of "happy" through me.
 It was a first ever visit to Rocky Point Park in Port Moody.
The pier stretched out over a low-tide vista that seemed as if it would never reach the ocean.
More about our wildlife sightings in the next post, but for now, skipping ahead to the wispy clouds that took over the skies a couple of hours later,
 making a lovely backdrop for the flower-flag.
A couple of "truck-sky-shots" recorded..
 the ride home.
 Back in Vancouver, another truck-shot caught this mural that neither of us had seen before.
Bill stopped for this one.  We had spotted it on the way out of the city, and he remembered that we had said we should take a better look at it on the way back.  
It turned out to be tricky to photograph.  I would have had to climb up that middle building to see it straight on.  
 A fun memory of coming back to the truck, 
grabbing one more shot,  
and then attempting to get smiling Bill and little Miss "I-hope-you're going to give-me-a-treat" Black Jack behind a windshield dark with sunlight.
I have just come back to do an edit, adding the next 5 photos of Wednesday evening's walk.  First is an unusually high tide along the False Creek walkway.  Normally, there are three deep steps that can be seen on the left, but the water has come right up onto the walkway.
 Blue skies and sails in front of the Granville Bridge.
 Blue sky perfectly mirrored in the water.
 Sunset over Vanier Park.
Lots of lovers and friends sat for a few moments, celebrating what many said was the first day of Summer.
On Thursday, we walked to The Orpheum for a tour of its secret spaces (more in the next post).  On the way, blue skies and this glass building seemed to have done a colour match.
It was a challenge to convey what we were seeing.  Funny how sometimes, the camera shows things to be more beautiful than the naked eye sees them, and at other times, falls a bit short of the original view. 
Yesterday, there were bright blue sky reflections between the branches and greenery of Lost Lagoon,
 and a heron flew under a cloudless sky for my last photo of the day.
Thanks for checking out my sky photos, everyone.  For more magnificent skies from around the world, do take a few moments to stop by Friday Skywatch.  It is week 52 of its 5th year of sky posts, quite an achievement.  I have only started to take advantage of it, but hope to complete a full year of skies, starting next July 13th with week 1 of season 6.  My thanks go out to the dedicated hosts who keep it going.  


  1. Congratulations that it's summer at last in Vancouver! Beautiful shots.

  2. Enjoyable series!! I really like those buildings that are tall and narrow, and now lend themselves to murals. The buildings are of course always old, and it make me happy to see them re-cycled.If you watch the urban blogs, you'll see shot after shot of chrome and glass buildings all looking the same no matter where they are. How do you recycle them? Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  3. Great series of photos, your city is one of the world's most beautiful. We're into our third month of almost-cloudless, hot summer, much hotter than normal.

  4. Interesting series. My favourites are the blue sky reflected in water (yellow in background) and that amazing sky on the ride home. Love the bird shot too.

  5. Wow, some very amazing skies in these photos! Glad you're experiencing some great weather in Vancouver.

  6. Looks amazing...thanks for sharing :)

  7. Beautiful skies, especially those lovely wispy ones at the beginning and that sunset near the end. Great series Carol.

  8. I gravitated to the wispy clouds over the big umbrellas. It has, indeed, felt like summer lately. Quite a switch from the showers we have been having. This is what I love about BC … the diversity of climate … sometimes we get it all in just one day! :)

  9. We call those wispy clouds, Mares' Tales and they are supposed to bring rain!!
    Your photos are truly wonderful. I love the one of the heron.

  10. Really enjoying your sky shots; all of them are awesome!
    Thanks for your visit.

  11. I love the flower flag. They have one at the Peace Arch border crossing too. - Margy