Monday, July 9, 2012

Orpheum Tour, Rocky Point Visit, and Together Themes

This week's Our World Tuesday post breaks down as follows: 
1. A tour of The Orpheum, Vancouver's most beautiful concert hall
2. A visit to Rocky Point in Port Moody.
3. A request for some help selecting a photo for a contest.
Bill and I have attended many concerts at The Orpheum, but touring it was a completely different experience.  This summer, BC Entertainment Hall of Fame is offering tours that will take you through parts of the theatre you never imagined you would see.  If you live in Vancouver, or are thinking about visiting Vancouver, this is first rate entertainment, and a steal at a cost of $10. Check out this link for dates and more information about the tour.  It was a thrilling and enlightening experience for us.  Here are a few pictures but I stress that my pictures barely give a small taste of the pleasures in store, should you have the opportunity to do the tour for yourself.
We began by learning about the architecture.  Bill came the closest to naming the style.  I am not going to give away secrets here.  You could read this article, but this is an experience that will never be the same unless..  
you meet Arthur and listen to his stories.  Once he has met you, he will remember your name, and he will find a way to connect to your interests.  He and Rob Haynes (I so regret that I did not manage to catch Rob for a photo) banter back and forth, 
and apart from the humour and fascinating information that I know you will appreciate, you will come away with an understanding of their deep love for The Orpheum.  They don't just know the history.  They lived it!  They were hugely involved in the campaign to save this unique building that was slated to become another Famous Players multiplex.  They met the stars.. 
..and they knew June Roper, who operated a dance studio next door to the theatre.  (That space is now a part of The Orpheum.)
The person below was one of June Roper's dancers.  She was at one time voted the most beautiful woman in the world.  Arthur and Rob will tell you stories about June's dancers, and how they gave live performances before the movies were shown.  (Yes, The Orpheum was once a movie theatre.) 
This mural is on the ceiling of The Orpheum.  I have long admired it and I was thrilled to have a chance to lie down on the carpeted floor of the theatre and look up with my camera.  You will learn about the artist who painted it, and about the various scenes within the painting.  
This is one of the scenes in that mural.
 Arthur will tell you a story about Orpheus and the scene below.  Suddenly, the name "Orpheum" will make sense as it never did before.  
You will not only see the stage from the audience's perspective..
but you will see the lighting director's space..
and you will go up to the rafters! 
You will walk a route that many stars take before they go on stage, and feel as never before..
what it is like to stand on.. 
the stage of a great theatre.
You may even live out..
a fantasy :)  Thank you, Rob and Arthur, for an experience that will long remain in my heart.
I also loved our afternoon at Rocky Point Park.
At the end of the pier was an osprey nest!  I (with Bill's help) have already named the lovely couple that we met.  Don't you think "Matt and Mimi" has a nice ring to it?  I assumed when I took the photo that this was Matt, but I believe that may be a brown "necklace" across the breast, so perhaps, it was Mimi who was doing the lion's share of the nest building.  They don't appear to be taking care of an egg or a chick, so it is my guess that they may be unsuccessful in rearing offspring this season.  You also may be able to see the opposable toe, a bird of prey feature shared only with owls. 
Matt or Mimi below? I'm really not sure.  It would make more sense for Mimi to be waiting for Matt to bring nest material or a nice, juicy fish, but again, I wonder if I see a "necklace."
This Merganser mom was looking after eight little ones.  I could only get six in this shot.
A closer look at the little ones.
Isn't she beautiful?
It was bath time for the Canada Geese.  To us, they seemed so happy!
We were surprised to see that they totally submerged at times, although I wasn't able to catch a photo of the spectacular dive just before they went under the water.
My attention moved from geese to the mergansers to the ospreys and it seemed, the action was nonstop.  Here, Mimi (?) spots a stick.. 
and moves in for the pick-up.
Wings up..
and wings down.
A Caspian Tern added a splash of orange colour and a..
spectacular demonstration of its flying skills.
This time, I think it may be Matt.  What a splash they make when they dive straight down at death defying speeds.
Although he was too far for a really good photo,
it is fairly easy to make out the fish in his talons.
We also saw Purple Martins and I was happy to get one flying shot.  What a great day we had!  Thank you, Bill!

For this section, I would be so appreciative if you could find the time to choose the two photos that you think have some photographic merit and that also hopefully represent the theme of "Together."  The deadline is July 17th, so I have another week to work on this and may add a few more photos in next week's post.  If you don't have time to comment, that is fine.  Just the numbers of the two you chose would be great (best one first).  Remember that the number is always under (not over) the photograph.  My deepest thanks to all who modelled for me.  I did get the permission of the humans involved to post their pictures.  Thank you, as always, to you the readers for stopping by the blog.  Do check out events in the lives of other people around the world by going to the Our World Tuesday web site.


  1. Lot of pictures, almost like a movie, a great journey. Thanks!

  2. What a terrible thing to have to make a choice. I have chosen number 1 and number17 having agonized over numbers 12, 17, and 30 all of which fit the theme of "Together".
    Bill's inner thespian was obviously piqued during your very interesting visit to the theatre!!!

  3. Some very nice shots, Carol. My absolute fave is #2. Expressive, with such interesting focus. #30 would have been my definite second, but the background is a bit cluttered which is distracting. So my second choice is #20, which tells such a sweet story, with honourable mention to #16, which has such beautiful lighting and composition.

  4. As always so much to ponder and so many wonderful photos. I love the last one for its mood and evening glow. But for the contest my favorites so far are number 17 with the group helping the rider onto his seat and number 30 where the boy shares a moment with a totally trusting Black Jack.

    About The Orpheum Tour: Thank goodness for people who care enough to take on the tough fights to preserve our history and arts community. I like the pose of the man draped over the balcony telling tales and rekindling the magic of the early days. This looks like a must see event!

  5. All fabulous shots, but my faves are #2 and #16...I'm a sucker for animals. I have often thought of doing that tour for any out-of-town visitors I might have, but never thought of doing it just for me! I can remember walking down the staircase when the Orpheum was a movie theater and thinking/pretending I was a grand lady. It was something, huh? And still is...last time I was there was for a symphony concert and I couldn't stop staring at the ceiling! I really must get a friend and go!

  6. Really interesting tour of the theatre. Would love to visit one day. Fav photos 2 and 23.

  7. So many great shots, but I like #1 because it looks like Mom is saying -"Ah, all together finally". And #24 is SO expressive. They look like they would be together forever.

    Mom merganser has a pretty nifty hairdo
    there. I love all these photos. A joy to look at.

  8. A very interesting tour...great shots and thanks for sharing.Have a great week ahead!


  9. So hard to make a choice but after much agonizing I chose #17 first and #8 second.

  10. Great sequence!! I'd pick the steel drum player, bur what so I know? Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  11. I think all the shots have a lot of merit but I'll vote for 16 and 17.

    I enjoyed this post so much. The theatre is very beautiful. Always love wildlife shots and your birds in flight are fantastic. The whole post was great!

  12. Wonderful story you tell with great shots. This is a fantastic theater. My favorite together shot is the one with the group helping the artist on his bike.

  13. Great architecture and then great nature - what a combination.

    I love the top shot with the ducks and ducklings the best. I like 13 also (the up close musician beating his instruments). The last one is quite nice, too. Good luck.

  14. I would find a theater tour like that interesting. I was backstage at Red Rocks once, it's a different view than the typical audience one. Nice shots!

  15. It looks like you've had some wonderful adventures lately. The tour of the Orpheum sounds wonderful and I might get a chance to take it in. Thanks for the link (and your lovely comment at my blog)!

  16. Very cool images! Richard from the Amish settlement of Lebanon,pa

  17. I had a great time visiting your post and admiring your photography.

  18. Wonderful mean to measure time and life. Wonderful where alike is possible and happening.

    Please have you all a good Wednesday.

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  19. The Orpheum looks amazing, a tour would be on my list if I lived nearby.
    Your bird captures tell wonderful stories.

    For the photography contest I would choose 17 followed by 24. Hope it goes well for you!

  20. I must tell you, i enjoyed the trip to the Orpheum. It is my dream to someday visit a proper opera concert. And the mural was excellent along with the lighting of the stage!

    You have captured a lot of angles of the theme "together". My choice would be 10 (Birds in their habitat, very unique and they look so close!)and 31 (casual, with beautiful background, something that would create nostalgia)

  21. Wow! Fantastic shots ~ All of them excellent ~ love the birds and baby ones ~ and theatre is awesome ~ action shots great also ~ Wonderful ~ ^_^ (A Creative Harbor)

  22. These are awesome. I love the tern with the wings down. Stunning. The contest? I'd vote for the turtles. Always do!

  23. The Orpheum looks so lavish and magnificent! I would love to visit it one day for a behind the scenes tour.

    I enjoyed all the birds and fowl photos you took at Rocy Point. I could see how entertaining they are.

    My vote for the photo contest?





  24. PS. Thanks fr your sweet comment on my blog -- I really appreciated it!

  25. Beautiful pictures of the Orpheum, it is so nice to see the details.
    Your bird shots are, as always, amazing I especially like the babies. The turtle shot is really great too.

  26. What incredible shots and stories!!! I loved Vancouver when I visited. Look forward to the dream of returning.

  27. Birds are wonderful....beautiful scenery, and I want to go to that Busker's Festival -- what fun!!!

  28. Does the bird in the car have a license? :) That's a fun shot, unique for the contest. Good luck!

  29. I'm totally late to this post (keeping computer shut down and covered during power shutdowns and drywall dust of kitchen renos), so too late to vote on pics (Number 2 is my fav!), but I have to comment - either Arthur is my former landlord (from the farm in Mission) or he has a doppleganger with the same first name! You didn't happen to catch his last name did you?
    I seem to recall 'my' Arthur was a retired architect, so it would make sense that he's involved in the tours.

  30. Hi Carol,
    First of all, thank you very much for your kind words and sharing your perspective on my capture. :D

    I really enjoyed floating through your pictures. As you said togetherness is too board to capture.. But the second shot is very beautiful and it has that special feel.