Tuesday, August 14, 2012

ABC Wednesday - Round 11 - Letter E

Once more, I think I've found a solution to the storage problem.  If this works, I will be a happy camper indeed, because it's very simple.  All I had to do was load the photos in facebook and then copy the image code into the blog, just like "Fred the Dog" suggested in a comment.  Yay!  I haven't forgotten the other suggestions, and must again express my heartfelt thanks to everyone who has given me ideas.  This is only for another three months, and then I will go back to Picasa (It has always worked very well.) when my yearly renewal comes up.  

And now, on to the ABC Wednesday post.  There were many bees energetically working to gather pollen the other day in David Lam Park.

I thought they seemed a bit on edge, eyeing me (or my camera) quite closely.

We walked a few steps further, and admired these exquisite blue flowers.
Some were just beginning to open, evoking a mood of mystical elegance.

A short boat trip later, and we were on the other side of False Creek.  Sitting by a little pond, Black Jack and I watched the dragonflies and enjoyed the silent, but somehow, attuned-to nature company of an elderly gentleman in a wheelchair.  All was peaceful until this cat on a leash walked by.  Black Jack took that as a signal to eject herself from my lap.  Fortunately, she didn't bark, the cat ignored her, and I even managed to regain control of Black Jack and snap a quick shot of the calm and collected cat as it departed with its human.
The next evening, we walked east along the seawall and I admired this evenly  arranged trio of flowers.  The two smaller ones on either side seemed to function as a border. 

There was a large  boulder near the flowers.  I thought I saw two shaggy eyebrows at the top, with a long nose down the centre, and a sort of troubled expression on its face.
We walked home by BC Place Stadium, and some of you may remember from my "D" post that there are giant letters outside to help people choose the closest entrance to their seat section.
Black Jack certainly remembered that she had gained a few extra treats by posing for pictures inside the "D" and she was excited to repeat her performance.  We did an "E" and an "F" pose, so you can expect at least one more of these alphabet shots in next week's post.  She sure looks tiny sitting inside that enormous "E" but appearances are not something she worries about very much at all.  I put her in a "sit-stay" here, but she is looking down, anticipating the treat and considering making a mad dash to me to get it. However, she hung on and was amply rewarded for her obedience.
Just before we reached home, we passed by this fountain.  I've examined it many times, but this was the first time I saw a letter "E" in the design.
It was the next day when we did a short morning walk along False Creek.  The tide was low, so we climbed down on the rocks and saw this delicate feather.  Lying flat, it looked so white and ethereal, but the wind blew it on its side before I could show that in my photo.
The stones were a bit sharp for Black Jack's feet, so we went up on the grass, where she immediately had a long and luxurious roll, all the while, keeping an eye on me. As you can see, the grass is getting quite brown.  We've had a run of fairly warm days lately and a good rain would probably be welcomed by the grass and trees.
After her roll, we played at some "recall" exercises and Black Jack enthusiastically anticipated her reward.  I love the way her left ear is folded inward, in what could be described as her easygoing and casual look.
It was the same day, I think, when Bill and I walked with Black Jack to Sunset Beach.  I'm not sure why I'm showing you this skateboard.  I guess it's just something about the way it is enduring what could be a long and lonely wait until its owner stops partying on the beach.
The photo below is another example of something I have walked by many times, but only saw for the first time that evening.  I was curious about the method used to carve that expressive hand in the rock.  Bill thought the rock material was fairly soft.
While we waited for the sun to set, I enjoyed watching this young girl do handstands.  She was making a huge effort but never seemed to lose her enthusiasm.  The energy and exuberance of kids and dogs is somewhat similar, I think.  It is one of the reasons I love both.
We were walking back home after the sun had set, when I looked behind me, and thought I saw this (admittedly obscure) "E" in the sky.  In your mind's eye, flip the photo 1/4 turn to the right, and try to accept that the top line of the E is sort of rounded.

The next set of pictures comes from our visit to Port Moody to check on the osprey family, Matt, Mimi and baby Patsy (our names for them).  I've posted quite a few photos of them recently, but for my E post, I want to express my thoughts about Bill.  What I lack in eloquence I more than make up for in enthusiasm for his empathetic and encouraging nature.  I am enthralled by the way he enriches every experience in such a wholehearted manner.  Below, you see the long walk to the end of the pier at Rocky Point Park.  From there, it is quite easy to get photographs of the nest.  When I'm there, Bill not only entertains Black Jack, but he engages in conversations with other photographers, asking about their tripods, monopods, etc., always looking for ways to help me get my shots. On this most recent visit, he announced, "Click, click" whenever the swallows were about to buzz Patsy (photos of that in previous post).  Bill is a one-of-a-kind.  No doubt about it!
The photo below is not an excellent one, but I show it for the baby Purple Martin, calling to a parent coming in to the nest above.  I guess it figures it doesn't matter who brings food, as long as it is delivered eventually.

And, does anyone see the letter "E" below? (Yes, there's a letter "C" but that's too obvious:)

Baby Patsy was using a lot of energy to exercise her wings when we were there.  
I thought the photos above and below showed particularly elegant wing patterns.

In this next photo, you can read her emotion without seeing her face.  Remember, she is just on the verge of learning to fly.  In face, I suspect that she may have fledged by now.  
Last shot of Patsy for this post.
To continue with my themes of posting one musical work and one artist (unknown to me before) with an "E" connection, I will suggest that you listen to this youtube recording of a song called "Tiny Sticks" by a group called ESG.  I am quoting this write-up in the  book, 1,000 Recordings to Hear Before You Die, about the rhythmic strength of these musicians.  Admittedly, there isn't  a lot of melody to enjoy here, but Tom Moon's comment was interesting to me, as was the moment he describes here:
Fifty-five seconds into "Tiny Sticks" by the minimalist groove band ESG, there's a moment when the tune seems to fall apart.  It's been pumping along, an up-tempo percussion festival with a thumping Bronx hip-hop bass line, when suddenly drummer Valerie Scroggins attempts a halting little fill.  It doesn't quite work.  Even though it feels like a glitch, her sisters, Renee, Deborah, and Marie, and percussionist Tito Libran follow her, in almost telepathic synchronization.  Then they snap back into tempo and suddenly you realize this is one tight groove.

The artist I found has a web site called eB Sculpture.  The write-up on his home page, and the slideshow of his photos are very interesting.  Apparently, he works in East Sussex in the south of England.  Lots of "E" connections there, but what really intrigues me is his restoration projects and how they might impact our Earth.  Take a moment, if you have one, to check out his site.  I know I feel enlightened to have discovered it.

That's my "E" post for this week.  Thanks so much for stopping by. To see other ideas from around the Earth, do stop by the ABC Wednesday site.


  1. YaY! Pictures....and it is working really well and is very fast....happy now.I like them all!

  2. I like how you capped your E post with Earth at the End and am so glad to see you posting as usual. Black Jack is becoming quite an accomplished little performer and she is obviously out to please as well as get a reward. We must run on parallel lines sometimes as I, too, was momentarily absorbed by someone in a wheelchair and took a picture of a lost feather along my way. :)

  3. Love these all but ESPECIALLY the giant letters!

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  4. Glad you worked out the storage issues. Wonderful shots for E. I love the birds and the big letter E. Carver, ABC Wed. Team

  5. I am enthralled by all your posts and especially enjoy the ABC Wednesday contributions! Hurrah for brother Bill and Blackjack! How wonderful to learn about new musicians and artists! So much to know and so little time....! Phyllis

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    BlackJack also looks like she has just exploded from a gun in the photos of her running. Great photos of the the birds and the bees.
    Great blog as usual.

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    ABC Wednesday Team

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    Rose, ABC Wednesday Team

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  12. Fantastic E's you found this week, isn't it funny how you can look at something over and over and then catch something different. I love the E in the fountain. And I love the E on the wooden plank with the C and the birdhouse. Your trips out in nature always intrigue me--have a great week.

  13. Love all your E's, espec. your dogg-E and those flowers! So many wonderful photos, with interesting and fun commentary...

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  15. My dear Carol,
    Great pictures of course, but my favorites will be the bees and of course the flowers (smile). Yes, I can see JACK is in all her glory!! I can tell she also likes her photo taken like I do (LOL). Thanks for sharing & visiting.

  16. All I had to do was load the photos in facebook and then copy the image code into the blog,

    How do you do it? Now I blog, then repost my blog in Facebook. I find resizing very tedious.

  17. The first shot of the bee in flight is great. - Margy

  18. Excellent entry for E day!
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    Happy weekend****

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