Monday, August 13, 2012

For "Our World Tuesday"

After many attempts to find ways to resize and post pictures, I'm trying this really simple way (copy photo into word, resize there, cut and paste into blog). It remains to be seen if it will work, but it's worth a try.  Well, it appeared to be working, but in the end, didn't.  I'm out of time, here, so am going back to my facebook idea, but with a slight difference.  I will give you a link to the entire album on facebook, but will also put separate links for each picture under the text.  Best I can do for this week, folks.  Will continue to work on this.  Again, my heartfelt thanks for each comment and suggestion.  

Here are some of the ways my world has turned over the past week.  

I saw these two leaves forming a perfect heart in David Lam Park.  They seem the perfect way to send a whole lot of love to a little girl I haven't met.   Her name is Lilee-Jean and..
Picture 1
this is Andrew, her father.  I came across him busking at Granville Island.  His voice was so compelling, his melodies so beautiful, and his style so "reach-out-and-grab-you" meaningful, I stopped in my tracks to listen to him.  I asked him if he had a CD, and he answered something along the lines of, "No.  That's why I'm busking.  I'm hoping to make enough to record in a studio."
  Picture 2
It took a couple of days of googling, and a site called "Find a Busker" before I found this youtube recording of him singing Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah", and then, a blog written by his wife, Chelsea.   She, Andrew, Lilee-Jean, a team of doctors and nurses at Vancouver Children's Hospital, and many, many others who have come to know their story are hoping to win a battle against a very aggressive brain tumour that was discovered before Lilee-Jean's first birthday.  At the bottom of that blog link, you can hear Andrew sing a lullaby to Lilee-Jean.  Perhaps you will choose to support Andrew when he performs, maybe you will choose to leave a message of support on the blog, or your way of sending love might just be to quietly send good thoughts their way.  Whatever you do, I know it will be received with the same brave and beautiful spirit that shines in Lilee-Jean's smile, Chelsea's writing and Andrew's singing.
Picture 3  
Before coming across Andrew at Granville Island that day, Black Jack and I sat by a manmade pond around the corner.  I was amusing myself trying to catch dragonflies in action.  An elderly gentleman sat near us in a wheelchair.  We smiled but didn't talk.  I could tell he enjoyed watching Black Jack.  I didn't do so great with the dragonfly shots, but a photographer gentleman came by, and he and his wife seemed to really enjoy trying their best to spot them for me.  Funny how sometimes few words are exchanged, but people stay in your mind.  (no picture with this.)
On Saturday, Black Jack and I came across this brood of Mallards on False Creek, just a minute or two from my apartment. They were so very perfectly arranged.
Picture 4
This is Mama. She was backed up in front of them, trying her best to make sure no intruder could get by.
Picture 5
A second or two later, and the ducklings were no longer so perfectly arranged.
Picture 6
A dog was playing nearby (not Black Jack) and Mama decided to lead her family away. Two other ducklings appeared. I guess they had been hiding. The whole family headed for safer territory. 
Picture 7
I love the colours in this, and when I look at it, Lilee-Jean comes to mind again. Just a bright, beautiful spirit bringing happiness wherever she goes. We saw it the other evening when Bill, Black Jack and I went to Sunset Bay and watched.. you guessed it.. the sun set.
Picture 8
Bill and Black Jack were comfortably seated, and bathed in pre-sunset light.
Picture 9
I wonder what Bill was thinking.
Picture 10
The sun sank below the mountains, but left a golden path for the canoe to cross before it disappeared.
Picture 11
Black Jack is mesmerized by "stuff" that happens by the water's edge.
Picture 12
Yesterday (Sunday), we went to Port Moody to visit the osprey family, Matt, Mimi and baby, Patsy.  Matt was nowhere in sight, Mimi stayed on a pilon within sight of the nest, but too far away for photos.  Patsy was being harassed by some Purple Martins.  I have no idea why they were bothering her so much, since ospreys pretty much eat a steady diet of fish.  I'm not sure if it was the breeze, or Patsy's frustration, but she began to flap her wings and several times, "got air."  I believe she is very close to fledging.  At one point she looked really depressed, but I guess, these are all part of the life lessons she must learn.  After watching her, we headed over to Deboville Slough to check out the bears.  We saw one, but he took off quickly, and I wasn't able to get a photo.  I was really excited to get my first photo EVER of a Green Heron.  It wasn't a great shot at all, but it made me happy.  Our last bird sighting of the day was (I think) a young Cedar Waxwing.  All in all, it was a wonderful day, and as usual, I am absolutely touched and so appreciative that Bill not only makes these days possible, but he engages with and supports my love of wildlife with such total commitment.  Thank you, Bill.  You are truly one in a million.  I have posted the eleven pictures that go with this last paragraph, one by one:
Picture 13 Patsy being "buzzed" by a Purple Martin.
Picture 14 And again!
Picture 15 Patsy getting air!
Picture 16 Patsy, so close to flying. 
Picture 17 Patsy, landing with a "Phew!" expression.
Picture 18 Male Purple Martin on his way to find insects for the kids.
Picture 19 Purple Martin about to "buzz" Patsy.
Picture 20 Patsy, depressed (I think)
Picture 21 Green Heron at Deboville Slough
Picture 22 Female osprey flying over Deboville Slough.
Picture 23 Our last bird sighting before going home was this Cedar Waxwing (a young one, I think). Wonderful outing. Very happy day. Thanks, Bill!

Thanks very your patience, everyone.  For more events in the lives of people all over the world, I hope you will take a little time to stop by the Our World Tuesday meme.


  1. I really miss your blog pictures on your blog and bloggers won't all click into facebook. No time. If you put your pictures into picasa at 800 small they are not counted at all but you are at your limit I guess so you could start a new account and just use it for your picasa pictures storage only, that is quite easy. You just link to them.I have done this. No problem at all. I used photobucket for years and it is wonderful, real people there to help you, a super host for photos. Lots of storage Free!! Flickr is good also. Come on back!

  2. The heart is, indeed, a wonderfully natural introduction to the little girl who is ill right now. Cancer is a hideous disease especially when attacking the very young. It sounds like she is getting a lot of support, though, from the many people who are working hard and praying for her recovery.

    Each solitary picture you posted has a way of shining a little brighter on its own but you probably would prefer the continuity of the whole. I’m still wondering if shrinking your photos with an arts program (Word is not an arts program so wouldn't work) that probably already exists on your computer and then downloading them from your files would do the trick. You probably already tried that, though, and it didn’t work. I guess I’ll find out for myself one day soon. :)

  3. You could also try hot linking from Facebook into Blogger.

    Click the right button of your mouse over each picture in Facebook and select "Copy Image Location".

    Then go into "HTML view" of Blogger and wrap each image location in an "img" tag. You know, the thing with src="http://..etc".

    See also this link:

  4. As others have mentioned, there are many choices for places to host your photographs... for FREE.

    I maxed out my Picassa account via my blog and it gave me an excuse to start a new blog.

    As for resizing your images, you can use
    it is free, simple to use, heck you don't even need to register.

    Let me know if you need help. I'd be happy to lend a hand to get you up and running.

  5. I know it must be devastating to not be able to post your photos. For resizing I use Photoscape (at It's a great editor and it's a free download. Good luck.

  6. Sorry, you are not able to post your photos. I use Picasa and love it. The editing tool is easy to use too. I hope things work out for you and your blog. Have a great day.

  7. I edit using PS elements, but re-size using windows 7 paint, as it's handy once I have collected the photos I'm going to use. I expect I'll soon be at the end of my quota, but I'll start Part 2 of the blog with a link to the new one and move on. Keep us posted on what you do. Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  8. Calling by from Our World Tuesday, thankyou for sharing of your piece of the world, a part of the world but what a shame about your photos. I now just use Blogger and Picasa, it is very simple and your photos will not disappear from your blog at a later date as has been known if you try to use other programmes.

  9. the baby ducklings are so cute. black jack is so focused on you in some of those shots. :)

    hope you can figure out an alternative soon. i vote new blog.