Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Thanks, Ryan

Ryan, our Steve Nash Fitness World instructor, is going to film school to study digital design.  

He'll still be teaching a Saturday class but all of us in his Tuesday ("Below the Belt") and Thursday ("Upper Cuts") classes will miss him.  He sure is a popular fellow! 

We worked really hard for him but we also had a great time and lots of laughs along the way.  

He has a talent for finding just the right work/fun balance to keep his classes full and his "students" coming back for more.  

He also has a great ability to assess the variety of fitness levels in the class and provide options that give everyone (old or young, experienced or beginner) a chance to leave the class happy and stronger. 

We know we'll have a good time with the next instructor too, but many of us wanted to take a moment to thank Ryan for the good times and wish him well in his studies!  

He kindly allowed me to take pictures during our last Thursday class. 

Once in a while, he even gave us a moment or two to rest.

Here is textbook perfect form for The Plank.

Here we are, getting ready for a photo.  This was the test shot.

Some of the regulars missed the class.  

I think they hated saying "good-bye"  but..

we can still see Ryan as long as we have some time free for the Saturday morning class.

In the mean time, check out our fine form after some regular workouts with Ryan.

All the best in your studies, Ryan, and thanks for making fitness FUN!

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  1. The fitness trainer looks like a lot of fun. I have a feeling he will do well in whatever path he chooses. In the last photo everyone looks like a winner! Now I know there is some regular exercising going on at the gym and it is more than bike riding and nature walks that are keeping you strong. :)