Thursday, August 30, 2012

Skywatch Friday, Season 6, Episode 7

I am posting just a few hours before the Skywatch Friday meme closes for the week of August 23rd, definitely on the late side, but happy just to squeak in under the wire.

The first picture was taken across the street from my apartment (David Lam Park, Vancouver, BC).  The dappled-polkadot look is one that I hadn't seen before.

These fluffy, almost transparent clouds floated in a very pale sky over Deboville Slough in Port Moody just over a week ago.

A few minutes later, we saw this bird fly into the pale sky before I could identify it and just as I was trying to get the picture. 

As we drove home, Bill suggested I take this shot to record what both of us thought was quite an amusing mistake when I read this sign as Loco Road instead of Ioco.    

The next day, the clouds were long and lean over the ferry ramp near my apartment.  

There was warm light to the east, in front of the Cambie Bridge.

Flock after flock of geese headed east, as they do every evening at sundown.

The stragglers seemed to be trying to..

find their place in the "V" formation.

We walked west and up a side street.  The long and lean clouds.. 

found their own formation behind the telephone poles and wires.
For more skies from around the world, I am sure you will enjoy the Skywatch Friday meme.


  1. these are wonderful. love the ferry ramp one.

  2. Beautiful skies Carol, and I too like those golden tones that you captured near the ramp.

  3. I love the bird picture. The wings are beautiful. I also LOVE the golden tone of the buildings.

  4. The first shot appears as if the sky is moving quickly, full motion!

    I'm with you, Loco seems to be fitting name. lol

    The geese silhouettes against the sky is beautiful.