Sunday, April 27, 2014

Haircuts and city sights and memories

Bill and I went for haircuts yesterday.  We both think Elvis, of Zhape Studio, is way cool.
 Black Jack came too.  She lay on my knees for Bill's cut and then Bill's knees for mine.
It was about 14 years ago that Elvis was in my music class.  It was a complete and very happy coincidence to find him one day when I walked by his studio on Richards Street.  
 Lookin' good.  Finished step 1.  On the way for a second wet-down before the blow dry.
 I think the treats are under Bill's hat :)
 Elvis is a family man now with a beautiful little girl, a sweet wife..
 and lots of dreams for the future.
 He puts great care..
and heart..
in his work.  He loves to see..
happy people.  Warm fuzzy feelings here and all spiffied up.
We walked by Emery Barnes Park and it was time to pose.
 Flowers are everywhere we look in Vancouver these days.
Many stops are necessary.. 
 for closer looks.
 These are by the bicycle shop.
 Pansies for my sister.  She and I love the faces..
and they bring back a happy childhood memory of a favourite aunt who used to.. 
put her bread to rise on a radiator and kept pansies in her front garden. 
 Trying out my lens in very low light.  Bill reads aloud to me from Emily Carr's..
Hundreds and Thousands. You can't see her, but Black Jack is on his knee.  Almost time to say "good night" and we count it as a good day.  Here's a quote from that link: "Emily Carr’s journals from 1927 to 1941 portray the happy, productive period when she was able to resume painting after dismal years of raising dogs and renting out rooms to pay the bills. These revealing entries convey her passionate connection with nature, her struggle to find her voice as a writer, and her vision and philosophy as a painter."  There are so many things that I love about these journals.  Perhaps, most of all, it is that she puts words to pictures that were already in my mind but needed a little bringing out.  I'll come back to this thought again,
but in the mean time, perhaps you will check out Sunday in My City.  Thank you to Claudya for giving us a chance to share our cities. The weather in Vancouver is a bit dull but I'm feeling pretty bright.  I wish the same for each one of you who has taken time to stop by.  


  1. elvis has such a sweet baby face. love his tool belt. :)

  2. The tulips are gorgeous .I've never seen ones like these.

    Have a wonderful week.

  3. Those flowers are ridiculously beautiful and I loved seeing Elvis at work.

  4. Spiffy haircuts! You both look so well and happy! We are also glorying in all the flowers here in Victoria. Alas, I have yet to see ducklings; they are still in hiding on the islands in Beacon Hill Park. Hugs for you both, Phyllis

  5. Oh, handsome fellow! I would have stopped to take many photos as well. Looks like a wonderful place. Thanks for sharing.
    Cinella @ The Mami Blog

    stopping by from Sunday in my City

  6. Bill is so photogenic! Of course Black Jack is too. She is like Bill's shadow.