Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Wanderings on Earth Day

Bill and I marked Earth Day with a good walk, a movie (The Lunchbox) and lots of appreciation for our surroundings.  I am linking this post up to a meme called Outdoor Wednesday.  Thank you, Susan!  

This view of the tree outside our window and the ferry landing of False Creek just visible beyond it, was my first photo of the day.
 Tupper greeted us as we headed to the ferry (a pleasant shortcut to the movie theatre). 
She has learned to trust Bill and now expects a contribution from each of us.  Here, she looks at me as if to say, "Okay, now your turn."
Cranes were framed by billowing clouds over the Cambie Bridge. 
The ferry approached and I wonder for the umpteenth time about Nora O'Grady.  Last evening, I finally googled her name and found a little history of the ferries.  They first came to be in 1981. Nora was a West-end resident who went to bat to convince the city-powers-that-be to accept a landing dock behind the Aquatic Centre.  
From the ferry, I snapped this shot of the Granville Bridge and the Burrard Bridge beyond it.
After passing under the Granville Bridge, the Burrard Bridge comes into full view, and just beyond that, False Creek opens to the sea.  
The cormorants nest under both bridges and are very busy right now.  This was a lucky snap through the doorway of the ferry.
We walked through Granville Island and enjoyed the sound of this Pan flute.  You can listen to a youtube performance here.  I'm not sure if the performer is the same person as shown in this photo.  (If so, he has grown his hair :)  Such a peaceful sound!  Well worth a listen as you read the rest of this post :)
The day was just perfect.  Not too hot and not too cold.  We walked under the Granville Bridge and up to 5th Avenue to see the movie.  My heart beat a little faster as we crossed a busy street.  How lucky are we to have magnificent greenery even in industrialized settings!
The Lunchbox is well worth seeing.  I couldn't help but contrast the lives of workers in Mumbai with those in Vancouver.  Not much greenery in their daily grind.  I took a photo of the screen to show the lunchbox.  It has several sections, just perfect for the various delicacies the luckier men have delivered to them each day.
The lunchbox, assembled.
After the movie, we had delicious vegetarian (vegan for me) meals at Sejuiced on 4th Avenue.  As we sat looking out of the window, I noticed the clouds, sky and trees reflected in the windows of a building across the street.
We walked down Cypress Street to Vanier Park, and along the seawall to Granville Island.  There was a cool wind and we weren't sure if the ferry would still be running so we kept up a good pace but I found time for one sky shot..
and one cherry blossom shot.
Happily, the ferry hours pretty much coincide with daylight hours, so we were soon riding along False Creek and back to David Lam Park.  Those billowing clouds were still around.
A look back from the ferry at the same two bridges under evening skies.
On land again, Bill had energy to pose for a photo to mark an excellent Earth Day.  Don't you think he should be a model?
It makes me so happy..
to see him clowning around..
as he gains strength day by day.  Thanks, Bill.  You are such a champ and I love you to bits!
Thanks for reading, everyone!  Perhaps you will find time to check out some of the other outdoor adventures of people at the Outdoor Wednesday blog meme.


  1. bill is really cute. :) i can feel your joy. loved the billowy clouds and sweet tupper!

  2. Better watch out carol, a modelling agency will be after Bill once word gets out!!
    Thanks for this lovely trip down and back False Creek. I imagined I was there walking across the Burrard Bridge for the umteenth time. Great memories.
    Tupper is a cutie pie for sure!

  3. Tupper seems to be getting cheekier by the day. That was a delightful walk with a film viewing as well.

  4. I would not be surprised to see Bill doing somersaults one day he is getting so fit. About the flute player … I first heard Jorge’s flute playing at Granville Island three years ago and loved the serenity his tunes brought to the scene. It looks like he hasn’t had a haircut since then, if that is he. :)