Sunday, April 20, 2014

Vancouver and a wish for peace in your hearts

The photos in this post were taken yesterday (Saturday) but I am joining the meme Sundays in the City because I hear it is okay to show your photos on Sunday that were taken over the past week.  The main thing is to celebrate one's city and that requirement is easy for me.  Here are a few of the things I love about Vancouver:

Going to Sciué for lunches and lattés with Bill.  
The flowers beside our apartment building.
Colour everywhere we look.
Strangers will often stop and talk to you. This person decides to pet Black Jack and we have a conversation that reveals we have both lived in Montreal, we have both lived in Nova Scotia, her partner is a Montreal Symphony musician, and of course, we both love animals.  
We have wonderful neighbours.  As Bill and I are talking about the fun of our conversation with a stranger, this neighbour stops to give Black Jack a treat.  Black Jack chews happily, with adoration for our neighbour plain to see.
I take a minute to photograph Frankie, my neighbour's adorable little rescue dog.
Frankie's eyes become very focused as I search in my pocket for a reciprocal treat.
There is wildlife all about us.  Tupper appears out of nowhere..
and puts her right food out..
and her left foot out..
and dances all about for her treat.
Another neighbour appears and shares some laughter with Bill.  His dog Jimmy..   
checks the ground for possible dropped treats while Black Jack..
goes right to the source for hers.
Ah, I get it!  This is the guy to talk to.
I hope you haven't forgotten me.
We walk along Mainland Street and see it is lined..
with lush blossoms.
Harrison Galleries is our final stop.  We love the art..
and we love that they also serve great lattés and treats.  Added to that, they let us sit and do crosswords together for as long as we like.  If we ever complete the entire one, I will include a photo.  Most days we are happy to solve about half of the puzzle.  One last photo of Bill because his presence in the city makes it especially meaningful for me.
I am including a youtube where you can listen to me perform Chopin Nocturne Op.9 No.2.  It is far from perfect but represents an accomplishment as the first piece I have memorized for a very long time.  I am so grateful to Bill for encouraging me to do this.  I have felt helpless in the face of terrible pain about the world.  The MH370 disaster, the South Korean ferry disaster, the Calgary stabbings, the Sherpas killed in the Mount Everest avalanche, and I never forget sweet Lilee-Jean's family, grieving as they try to celebrate this Easter Sunday without her.  That last link takes you to a video of her enjoying an Easter egg hunt last year.  So many broken hearts.  So many beautiful spirits.  I think of all the sadness, but of all the beauty as well, and find a sense of peace in the music.  Thank you so much for stopping by, everyone.  May peace be in your hearts.


  1. i love black jack. i love all your neighbors that love pups. i love tupper. you play so beautifully, carol! i thoroughly enjoyed your gift today. :)

    1. Thanks, Theresa! Love that you love parts of my world and so happy you liked the playing.

  2. Sweet photos, I'm becoming a big fan of Black Jack also. Tupper just couldn't wait to get in on the action. Thank you for sharing these lovely photos :)

    1. Thanks, Denise. Black Jack is happy to have your approval :)

  3. Lovely Nocturn! I too, often find the need to retreat from "the news of the world." These days it's more likely to be to the barn, but music can do it for me as well.
    Thank you.

    1. Thanks, EvenSong! Warm, snuffly horse muzzles go a long way to bringing the same sort of peace that music does.

  4. What a beautiful post!
    I didn't know Tupper - only Tupperware :)
    Your spring is ahead of us but we'll be there soon - today it will be +18 but next week cooler again..
    We don't have a dog but I speak with strangers when possible - communication is good for us!

    1. Thank you :) Tupper's name came from "tail" and "up" but it seemed to need the "er" to feel complete. Peace to you as well!

  5. Certain music expresses what words cannot and lends serenity to a world of joy and too much sadness. What a wonderful surprise to hear one of my all time favorite pieces played by YOU, Carol. How wonderful! I will play it often at home. Applause, applause to you for a job well done … and to Bill for encouraging you!

    1. Thanks so much, Maria! This Chopin wasn't one of the pieces I had played in my youth, so learning it as a senior was really fun. So nice to read your words of support!

  6. Thank you for sharing your video. It sounded perfect to me and very soothing. Such a nice happy post and so much love and care for animals and people. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog for now I have found yours.