Saturday, April 19, 2014

Maritime walk

Note: I am posting this to Camera Critters  (thank you, Misty!) and also to Saturday's Critters.  (thank you, Eileen!)

Bill planned our outing yesterday.  It began, as all outings do, with Black Jack sitting on his shoes.  She affords me the same privilege, but only if I tie mine before or after Bill.  If we tie-up simultaneously, Bill is the honoured one.  
Got the right foot covered
and now..
..for the left.  What are you looking at?
 Tupper arrived the minute we stepped into the park across the street.
Thank you.  Very nice of you to share Black Jack's treats.
I like them sunny-side-up.
I wonder if any readers have seen a seagull with a tail pointing up.  It is interesting to talk to some of the people in the area.  Most are surprised when I point out Tupper's claim to fame but one gentleman told me he has been watching Tupper for a while.  When I told him I'd given Tupper a name, he replied, "Ah, he's just a bird."  He was a bit embarrassed to show his interest but there was no hiding it.  There was also one little boy who warmed my heart when he noticed Tupper's tail on his own and called to his mother to share his discovery.  He and his mom were delighted when I told them Tupper's name.    
Hate to eat and run but.. see you later
 We walked along the False Creek path as far as the Burrard Bridge.  I thought I saw critters..
 along the water's edge,though I couldn't identify them.
A dad and his son were watching this heron.  We saw many dads with their kids.  It was the perfect day..  some sun, some cloud, some wind, no rain.
 These pigeons were under the dock where we waited for the False Creek Ferry.
 We took the ferry to the Maritime Museum stop.  It is a slightly longer ride than our usual trips to Granville Island,and there's a bit more open water, so a nice change for us. Can you see the tiny False Creek ferry  among all the other ocean liners and sailboats as it approaches?
 I used only my big lens for this outing, as I haven't quite figured out a solution to repair the small one.  The boat is small, so I had to make do with a head shot of handsome Bill, and that, only by sitting as far from him as I could manage.
 When we stepped off the ferry, this heron appeared.  A gentleman by the dock was working on his boat.  He called out, "Hi Cocoa."  Cocoa suddenly spread her feathers in what I am convinced was a response to his greeting.
 We walked up to an embankment and from there, could see the dogs and their humans playing in their assigned area on the beach.
It would be hard to find..
much more glee..
 than this.
 Hm..  what have we here?
Oh no you don't!
 I will carry my treasure to safety.
 From our vantage point, and with my huge lens, I could only show a tiny bit of the rigging of The North Star of Herschel Island.  She was built in San Francisco in 1935 and was the last sailing ship to be involved in the Arctic Fur Trade.  I loved seeing the ship though its cargo in its hey day would have made me very sad. 
 There were a few relics of marine life to see..
 as we made our way past blossoming trees..
 and Vanier Park art.
"Gate to the Northwest Passage" by Alan Chung Hung
I've admired that sculpture a few times, but yesterday, I thought it looked like a person standing with his legs crossed and feet turned outwards.  I asked Bill to mimic that stance and thought he did rather well.
What I go through to make a woman happy...
From across the water, I was able to get a full view of the "North Star of Herschel Island."
We stopped at the eagle tree, but so far, there are no eggs in the nest.
 It was hard to ignore..
the colour..
all about us.
 On the one side of us, False Creek harbour and on the other side, some manmade ponds..
 with waterfowl and water plants sharing space.
 This bench by a pond, meant for people to rest a while, had found a better use.
 With my long lens, I was able to stay a good distance away, but the expression here suggested I might well have backed up further, perhaps right into False Creek.. to make the rightful inhabitants of the area happy.
 We caught the aquabus at Granville Island and I enjoyed the opportunity to photograph our apartment building through the plastic windows of the boat.  There's the ferry stop and ramp up to the park.
 Tupper met us as we reached the top of the ramp.  Talk about full circle :)
Thanks for stopping by, everyone.  I hope you are enjoying a peaceful and fun-filled weekend.  If you have any spare minutes, perhaps you will stop by Camera Critters and/or Saturday's Critters.


  1. just love tupper and how he has charmed so many. :) adorable happy pups getting sloppy and wet as they play. but black jack stole the show from the start - sitting on shoes as you tie them! how cute!

    1. Black Jack and Tupper both say they are always happy to please :)

  2. Awesome critter post, so many wonderful photos! Black jack is a cutie! I love the closeups of the Gulls and the flight shot. Thank you for linking up to my critter party. Enjoy your weekend and Happy Easter!

  3. Cocoa, what a beauty!
    The beaches are always my favourite, I guess because I'm a Maritimer!

    1. Thanks, sophie! My mum was a Newfy so I guess Black Jack and I have some Maritimer in us too :)

  4. Lovely photos, Carol...and Bill is looking well. The wind has picked up here and it's quite cold now. I think I'll stay indoors for now - took Tegan out Frisbee chasing this morning and I know she'd love to go again, but I'm just so cold even inside. Lorne is off to work tonight so I'll be having a nice quiet evening on my own.

    1. Thanks, Leslie! Wonderful that Lorne was off to work since I know that means he is doing well! I hope you had a warm, snuggly evening with Tegan.

  5. Great series of shots! Nice to see glimpse of my old stomping grounds.

  6. Fantastic post, I really don't know what to comment on because I loved them all. Your sweet little doggy, handsome Bill (loved the pose you got him to strike), Tupper with his upturned tail (no I have never seen a seagull with upturned tail feathers but it certainly gives him character), all that beautiful scenery, what else? Let's just say I loved everything and thoroughly enjoyed my visit. Wishing you a great weekend and if you're celebrating, Happy Easter! :)

  7. I am becoming very fond of Tupper and his cheerful, upturned tail. So generous of Blackjack to provide a shoe warm up service to her favourite people. Loved the picure of your apartment building. Such good memories of our visit.


    1. Thanks, Sherrill! My memories are also such happy ones.

  8. Hi there - nice to see you back in the world of blogs - I had forgotten just how much you pack into a single post!

    Always something to see down by the water.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

    1. Thanks, Stewart! Hope you are well. I'm planning to pop over for a visit to your blog today. My goal is to learn to pack a little less into mine :)

  9. Beautifull foto, nice beach,
    Have a Nice sunday Easter

    ♥♥♥V♥ (¯`:´¯)░~~♥☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
    ░░(¯ `•.\|/.•´¯)░)(░░░)
    (░(¯ `•.(█).•´¯)░♥♥(¯`:´¯)░)
    (░░(_.•´/|\`•._)(¯ `•.\|/.•´)░)
    ░░░(_.:._).(░(¯ `•.(█).•´¯)░)

    1. Thanks, retriever. Lovely image! Happy Easter to you too!

  10. I loved your walk so full of life and enjoyment. I think Tupper enjoys the fame and maybe has encouraged his wayward feathers to behave like that. That statue reminds me of someone needing the toilet (mentioning no names).

    1. So good to hear from you, Fun60! You may be right about Tupper. As for the statue, your thought did occur to me :)

  11. HI Wonderful selection of photos. Hope you had a great Easter.