Thursday, April 24, 2014

Look up, Look down.

I was looking through some blog memes and saw one called Look Up Look Down and though I didn't take yesterday's photos with that theme in mind, quite a few of them fit.

Bill and I were walking in David Lam Park.  My eyes were straight ahead but Bill looked up and laughed.  There is a lot that could be said about the before and after versions of this sign, but perhaps it stands alone without comment.  
Then, I heard a familiar voice.  It was Joe, a neighbour, calling to his dog, Jimmy.  I looked to the top of the steps, and there he was with his big, warm smile.  
There were 7 cormorants on the sculpture, Brush with Illumination.
A juvenile flew in and dropped his/her landing gear.
And then there were eight.
The low tide allowed us to climb down these (very deep) steps for some exploring.
From there, we were looking up at the cormorants.
Very nice take-off.
Away s/he went.
A young one rested until Mom came through with a little energy-boost..
No cavities.
I stayed at the bottom of the steps, but Bill..
climbed up..
with Black Jack.
Black Jack's nose led the way.
Bill and this boy's mom were a bit worried for him, but..
he was a confident..
and strong..
I joined Bill and we walked on, looking down to check on the American Coot pair we have been watching for a few days.  There was only one.  We hope the mate is okay.
We were happy to see Dolce with her human, Ulrich (I hope I have spelled that correctly). 
Then Molly came along. These tiny (adorable) tykes seemed a long way down to me.
Molly did a play bow and Dolce was happy to accept the invitation.
Cherry blossoms up and down too, as we walked toward Nelson Street.
After a stop for lattes, it was time for some shopping but I spent a little time with Black Jack at Emery Barnes park.
There are several fountains there.  The one below flows into a circle.
We practiced our "sit-stays" there.
I waited on the other side of the circle.  
Black Jack loves this game.
We also met a very, very cute little dog..
named Bambi.
His human was happy for me to take pictures..
and so we now have one more lovely.. 
canine to join Black Jack, Dolce, and Molly as the little-dog-stars of this post.
I hope you will take some time to check out other photographers who looked up and looked down.  Thank you to Travel with Intent for organizing this fascinating meme.  Happy Thursday, everyone!  Thanks so much for stopping by.


  1. all sweet pups!

    big sigh on the tar sands... or maybe that should be grrrr... :)

  2. You took some excellent shots of the cormorants.

  3. What a great story you tell with your photos, and all with an up / down theme. Your dog stars are all gorgeous too. It is lovely to have you as part of teh challenge - I hope to see you again next week. Debbie

  4. Loved all your shots. Especially the bird shots. It made me too to laugh to see the board about the dog stars!

  5. this was absolutely love fun! Love the dog shots, the signs, - and the cormorants are such artsy shots - well they all are. :) great entry for the challenge. you seem like a fun person.