Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Double the Fun while Critter Watching

Sharing two weeks of critter and bird photos, today, with Saturday's Critters and Wild Bird Wednesday.  Thank you, Eileen, and thank you, Stewart! If you enjoy critters and birds of every imaginable variety, these are two excellent memes to visit.

This Wood Duck..

and these Ring-Necked Ducks were in Lost Lagoon, Stanley Park, a couple of weeks ago.

On another outing, we smiled to see this bulldog by False Creek's parkway, with back legs demurely crossed.  She was making efficient use of her time while her human chatted with a friend. 

As soon as she heard the click of the camera, she rose as though she wanted to be sure..
I captured her best side.
Another day, we rode our bikes to Vanier Park and saw the resident Bald Eagle pair. They have raised quite a number of healthy chicks over the past 10 years, and appear to be planning for the coming year as well. 

I couldn't fit both eagles into the frame, but here is one of the pair (possibly the female) perched on the left side of the tree.  The nest is almost dead centre of the tree. 
Less zoomed-in here, to give perspective of the one in the first shot (assuming the male but grateful for other opinions), sitting on the right.  He was flying back and forth, bringing..
branches to the nest (sorry for the poor photo but he is carrying a branch here)..
and then working diligently to do some spring-cleaning-and-upkeep chores.
Unlike the Jericho nest that we have observed for years as well, this nest has survived over the longterm.  The pair clearly has excellent construction and maintenance skills :) 
I was hoping to catch a better shot of the male returning with a branch, but as I stared..
into the direction of his expected return, the female flew off to join him.  I just barely caught a shot of her.  Our fairly lengthy wait hadn't resulted in great photos but happily confirmed that the Vanier eagles are well and keen to do their Spring-thing :)
Below, another photography challenge that remains a work in progress.  

We've seen this hummingbird three times lately, flitting between a few trees close to.. 

our apartment. I've named him Henry as we feel pretty sure he's the same fellow each time. 
Here are some morning wake-up shots of Black Jack.
She has worked diligently on her demure look,
but the effort does take a lot out of her.
Here, she is keen to explore after we rode our bikes to Olympic Village. 
There was a lot of canine action during that outing.  This blur was a dog playing.. 
ring-around-the-bush with a friend..
that I finally managed to catch..
in this shot
They were on their way to the waterfall pond, where this yellow lab tried to join in their play,
but they were too wound up at first to be interested in his toy.
Flying over those rocks looked like a lot of..
fun, but one of them was limping a bit.
I love to see dogs enjoying themselves but it's a balancing act to save them from injuries.
The Lab joined the chase..
and seemed to have been welcomed into the circle, 
but was deserted..
when this cutie arrived.
This called for serious inspection,
that bordered on downright nosiness. 
"I'm not so sure that I'm having fun yet."
"You stick with us, Little Lady.  We'll show you a good time."
"I dunno..
.. I think a little human intervention would be good too."
This little boy was walking home from school and Bill thought he was pining for a dog of his own.  I'm betting the conversations at the supper table are aimed in that general direction :)
Another dog arrived, with markings so similar to one of the first two, 
I did a double-take at first.
See what I mean?
We continued around False Creek to Granville Island and then took the Aquabus to Hornby.
Just a five-minute trip and then an easy ride home (or actually, to our favourite café).  Black Jack watched the next passengers preparing to load as we arrived at our stop.
We appreciate these ferries.  They are reasonably priced, quick, easy, and fun.
Here are a few more shots from that Lost Lagoon outing.  We were met by this Towhee.
Wood Ducks (showed one of these at the beginning of the post)..
shared space..
with Common Mergansers,
American Coots,
Ring-Necked Ducks.
Mute Swans,
and there was even an eagle in the middle of the lagoon.
Bill noted that it is rare to see seagulls making use of the tall evergreens like this.
His presence on all of these outings doubles the fun for me.  Here, he ran up the little hill with Black Jack, and suddenly popped into the view over the little bridge.
Black Jack loves to have a variety of vantage points from which to espy critters.
One resting for a moment while the other remains vigilant :)
The rest was needed because seconds later, 
they were running around.. 
the trees together.
Twice lately, people have spontaneously suggested we pose for a group shot.  This one was taken by Sherri (see her art in the previous post).. 

and this one by a jogger when she spotted us by the lagoon.  She was even game to manage my heavy camera for the shot.  We meet some wonderfully kind spirits on our treks.
These last shots are back in Vanier Park near the eagle tree.  Again, Bill..
makes me laugh.
 The outings just wouldn't be the same without him.  
Until next time!  Many thanks for stopping by!  


  1. beautiful wood duck shots! love the size difference between hummingbird and eagle. :) such cute pups and dogs at play!

  2. Hello Carol, you are so kind to link up and share this wonderful post. All the birds are gorgeous, the eagles are always a cool sight to see. My favorite are of all the doggies.. They are so cute, especially the little puppy! And your Black jack is a star too! Great photos! Enjoy your day!

  3. I love the couple shots and the many of Bill!! Black Jack is also very good at photo shoots! Hugs, Phyllis

  4. Oh my, that black puppy IS adorable. Watching Bill’s antics behind the post makes me think that he has the makings of a great Pop Up Dancer with Carol alongside taking pictures of each and every move. :))

  5. You do see some marvelous sights on your rides. I have thoroughly enjoyed going along today. Thank you so much. Your photographs are fantastic!

  6. Lots to like in your post. The wood ducks are beautiful, but othe bird shots excellent. The pictures of the two of you with Black Jack are funny as are the ones of Bill hiding behind the post.

  7. Those wood ducks are so pretty.
    You are lucky people wanted to take a picture of you, for you. We often have lots of photos of others but not ourselves.
    So many different creatures, so much to see.

  8. What a cute little puppy! The happy expression on the dog's face that is running through the water is priceless. Wonderful blog. Love all those critters. Trying not to miss Scruffy.

  9. What a wonderful full and delightful post. I loved seeing all the dogs having fun. And how your hubby makes you laugh. Of course Black Jack is a star. Thanks for taking us along with you.

  10. Hello Carol,
    I do so enjoy reading about you daily outings with Bill and Black Jack you have such jolly japes. The pictures of the dogs playing are great, also all the lovely birds and bald eagles. It's hard to believe that you live in a city with all the wild life around,,,,you are truly blessed.
    Best wishes,
    ABCW team.

  11. Lots of great shots and fun. Sweet little pup, too.

  12. Great shots of the wood ducks! And I think walks are always better for the introduction of a few visual gags! Nice.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  13. Great ducks and eagle and hummer! Wonderful photos of all. The puppies all look so cute, and that last photo made me chuckle! :-)