Monday, April 27, 2009

Babies, blooms, and a ufo

A baby rabbit at Jericho.
Okay, this one isn't a baby.  It was a failed "catch-in-flight" attempt.
No baby here, either.  The duck behind the red-winged blackbird made me laugh.
Here's a baby (well, maybe juvenile) Downey Woodpecker.  At least, that's my best guess.  There is red at the back of its head, although you probably have to click on the picture to see it.
Another shot of the same bird.  It was on a trail called "Top" in the endowment lands.
I guess these aren't blooms - more like fern buds?
Beautiful blue blooms.  (I dare you to repeat that.)
I took this last night when Bill and I went for a walk.  One of those pictures that came out looking better than the real thing.  Bill saw a ufo there.  Do you see it?
It was the first day back to work, after a two-week break.  Even when it's an easy day, that first one back always seems to feel exhausting, so it's a rather limited commentary tonight.  Just one question.  Not one person commented on the seagull standing on the other seagull (3rd and 4th pictures down).  Is that because it's really a very common occurrence, and I'm the only person never to have seen such a thing?     


  1. I think i am late to reach this wonderful blog....all your snaps are great..Black.....Thanks a lot for sharing....

  2. LOL - Carol, I loved the shot of the seagull standing on the other seagull, and I've certainly never seen that before - despite having spent most of my childhood on the beach at White Rock, watching seagulls (I always wanted to be one - they got all the french fries they wanted!)