Monday, April 13, 2009

What will they do?

The sun shone in spite of today's forecast, and as is often the case in Vancouver, it seemed the majority of people wanted to be outdoors.  I spent the morning with friends, Kitty and Jock, taking pictures at Jericho Park. In the evening, I went to check on Sam and Serena.  I'm sorry to say they were sitting in the spot where a nest had been started, but there wasn't a twig to be seen.  Whether it simply fell apart, or whether the wind blew it away, I have no idea. They didn't appear to be trying to start another one.
I wonder now what they will do.  I did notice that Serena was staring off to the right, where there was a large nest that appeared to be empty.  That may be their only hope.  I'll send them good thoughts, and I guess, let nature take its course, as it is wont to do.
Here are a few pictures from the day.  I learned that Kitty absolutely loves turtles, so this one is for her.
Looks like a little ET face swimming along.
Jock let me use his tripod today.  That was a first for me, and I do think it helped to make the pictures quite clear.  Thanks, Jock!  
I'm not sure what the little spiky things are to the left of the turtle's face.  Part of his foot?
Yet another mallard.  Hard to resist those colors.
I saw these in a flower box as I walked home.  No idea what they were; I don't remember seeing any like them before.
I liked the brilliant red against blue.
I've always loved these trees, and today, took a photo as Black Jack and I walked home.
Another version of the same trees.
One more unidentified flower, on a bush just past the long line of trees.
That was the day - a colorful one.  Now, back to report writing.  Once they are finished, my two-week holiday begins.  I'm looking forward to that time very much.  It will be even sweeter, if Serena and Sam manage to build (or find) themselves a home. 


  1. Oh no! Sam and Serena! I hope they decide to become squatters instead of building - they can always improve their building skills by doing some renos.

    Lovely shots, as usual Carol. I think my favourite is the tree-lined sidewalk.

  2. Thanks, Jean.

    Yes, I'm hoping they choose to become squatters. I can't see any other alternative.

  3. I just love your photos, Carol. I always do.

    Your unidentified flower is a type of rhododendron. There are about 300 different known species and I can only identify the "rhody" part by the leaves and flowers. I don't know enough about them.

    Down in Washington, in Federal Way, Weyerhaeuser used to have their headquarters where they had at least one species of each type of rhody growing. Even rhodies from as far away as Japan. Unfortunately, the headquarters are no longer owned by the company and the property sits abandoned and gated off.