Saturday, April 4, 2009

Bill & Black Jack, and Saturday walk

Black Jack loves Bill, and I love to watch them together, so this post begins and ends with them.  Friday night, Black Jack sat staring at Bill, until he finally got the hint that she wanted to play. This bed serves many purposes, one of which is a tug-of-war toy.   
She trusts him so completely, he can do pretty well anything with her.
The bed is about to bite the dust, but Black Jack still loves to be in it, regardless of the circumstances.  She is so comfortable, she looks as though she's about to demand an in-the-air belly rub.  
Today was beautiful out, and I took Black Jack for a walk.  We headed over to Blanca Street (I have been mistakenly calling it Bianca Street for a long time.)  Bill said tonight, "Did you hear they renamed Bianca Street?"  I fell for it completely, and asked with surprise what its new name would be.  "Blanca," he replied.  I think I will remember the name now.  Just at the corner of Blanca and 8th Avenue, we met Kojak, a hairless terrier.  He was a very happy well-adjusted little fellow, and he and Black Jack had a great romp.
Kojak's sister, Stella, was a bit less outgoing...
...but she gained confidence as long as she could stay at the rear. (I used photoshop to disguise Black Jack's less attractive end (in my opinion:)  I have always wondered why anyone would choose to breed a hairless animal, but have to say these were great little dogs. Both had little wrinkled faces that were adorable. I'm thinking they are not for outdoor types, as I guess they would need protection from the sun and heat, as well as from the cold. 
Black Jack and I continued down Blanca Street, believe it or not, for our first time.  I love this area, because there are so many possible walking routes.  There was a construction project going on, and the crane set-up was fascinating.
This bear sits at the bottom of Blanca Street.
The sign under the bear reads: Casa Blanca
Just to the left of the bear is a trail leading down the hill to Spanish Banks.  I discovered it for the first time today.
Black Jack loved it.  Here, she is focused on a squirrel way down the hill.
There must be mice or small animals living under the driftwood at Spanish Banks.  She sniffed.. 
...and sniffed...
...and sniffed some more.
When she went in this hole, I got my camera ready to snap her photo as she came back out.  But she completely disappeared in that log, finally coming out on the other side.  All you can see in this picture is her leash.
Then it was time for me to indulge my obsession.  I took endless seagull photos at the fishing dock, and each one had some aspect that I liked, so I couldn't pick between them for this post.  In this one, it's the fact the two are lined up almost perfectly perpendicularly.
I liked the way these two fly in opposite directions, and I like the way the tail fan is a background for the little feet.
So close!  Love the geometric dividing detail in the wings.

Little orange feet, dangling.
Wings almost fold in half.
I've never seen such ragged wings.  I don't think it was the wind.
Lovely patterns.
Eyes focused, about to land on the pole.
Flowers seemed to be popping up everywhere today, but the picture below was taken in Victoria a couple of weeks ago.  

Bill met me at the little museum by the water, on Alma Street.  I took these through the truck window, as we headed to The Wicked Cafe for a latte.
As promised, the post ends as it started, with Black Jack and Bill.  She was as comfortable and happy as could be, sitting in his hand.  As you can see, my latte is completely gone, every last drop.  
We came home, had one of Bill's great home-cooked meals, and watched the Canucks lose to Edmonton.  I thought it was a good game, with the Canucks playing well, but Roloson definitely deserving the win.  A good Saturday, and even better, knowing there is sun expected for tomorrow.   


  1. I'm not sold on the hairless dogs. Were they wearing bath robes?

    That trail is one of my favorites, taken often when I used to live close to campus.

    Glad that you got out to enjoy the good weather, and very envious of your latte. We played flyball today with our club running three teams. It was non-stop maddess, and I did not get a coffee during the day.

  2. dp, I often smile at your comments, but the bathrobe one made me laugh out loud. I had the same unconscious thought, but it took you to bring it to the surface:)

    Hope the flyball went well, but that must have been a really long day without coffee!

    Yes, lovely little trail.