Sunday, April 12, 2009

Friends and Flowers on Saturday

I write this on Sunday (well, I guess, since it is after midnight, Monday), after going with Bill to see Two Lovers at Fifth Avenue Theatre.  I wanted to call out, "No-o-o-o-o-o to one person in each of three relationships portrayed.  I guess you could say I cared about the characters, so if that is the mark of a good film, then it was successful.  If you plan to go see it, do not read the plot description at my link.  Every last detail of the story is given away.  I hadn't realized it was loosely based on Dostoevsky's White Nights.  

It rained most of the day today, and I deleted the few pictures I took.  But yesterday, after a rainy bike ride to the gym, the sun came out (sort of) on my way home, and I took these flowers.
I also took this tree on 8th Avenue.  I've been admiring it for more than a week now, and finally stopped for a picture.  The people who live in the house came out, and were happy to see someone enjoying their tree as much as they do.
When I rode up the back lane, laughter spilled from our yard.  Jock and Kitty were there, with their Sheltie, Lucy. I count myself very lucky to have them as friends.  Jock found my bike for me.  He loves to play tennis and he loves humor and I admire his talent with a camera.  This is his photo of daffodils from Kitty's garden
Today, he sent these jokes from The New Yorker's desk calendar.  I hope there is no copyright issue with posting them here, but they point out one of the great things about Jock, and that is how much he appreciates a good joke.

Bill, Jock, Kitty and I sat around our kitchen table, eating snacks and talking.  Black Jack sat on Jock's knee, and I know her head shouldn't have been on the table, but I didn't have the heart to remove her.  She was enjoying a wonderful massage.
As I said, a wonderful massage.
Jock and Kitty bought Lucy from a breeder, where she had been in a kennel for three years.  To my mind, they rescued Lucy.  She came with a long list of things that frightened and depressed her, and it took years of gentle love to bring her to the point where she learned to have some fun.  We walked over to the park, and it was so good to see her playing and happy.
One of the great thing about friends is the sharing of pleasures.  Watching Kitty's reaction when she saw this Easter tree will stay with me for a long time.
Then, we walked by this place, and Kitty erupted (the only word that seems right) with happiness.  I've always enjoyed the sculptures here, but they now hold a memory of Kitty beaming, as she sat on the bench beside a particularly beautiful sculpture of an old woman.  I didn't manage to capture that photo, but across from the bench were these tumbling bears and a wonderful old tree that Kitty made me see as if for the first time. 
And at the neighboring house is this scarecrow.  I hadn't even noticed it before.
Here is Kitty, still happy as she gives Lucy a big hug.  What a great visit, with no particular plan or agenda, except to get together and enjoy each others' company.  


  1. Lucy's breeder does not sound like much of a breeder. Is that your monkey puzzle tree? They are my favourite!

  2. I guess backyard breeder would have been a much better term for her!

    No, not mine. It was at the edge of a park. I didn't even know what a monkey puzzle tree was.