Friday, April 17, 2009

Flower Power and

Yesterday, I took only a couple of pictures and they were of flowers.  I am grateful to the people around me who work so hard in their gardens.  I wonder if they realize how much pleasure they give to passers-by.  
I have an iMac.  One of the things I love about it is the monitor.  Pictures just look better on it than on any PC I've tried.  I put this one on my desktop, and it's so bright, I may have to change it soon.  But, for the next few days, I will  absolutely love it every time I open up. 
Today, Black Jack and I walked (again) at Jericho Park.  She loves it there and I do as well.  A lady and her adult son were feeding the ducks and birds.  She drew my attention to this large one on the right.  Her son thought it might be half duck and half goose.  It definitely stood out as being different.  That made me curious, and I wondered if such a thing were possible.  I googled and was happy to know I'm not the first to wonder.  The consensus seemed to be that no, it's not possible.  So, is it a big duck or a small goose?
Here it is again. 
I took these apple blossoms (I think) right beside the rabbit bushes. Or, could they be honeysuckle?  I wish I could convey the aroma along with the visual.  
Speaking of the rabbit bushes, I was concerned, today, to see a young couple walking there with a black and white dutch rabbit.  It was incredibly cute, and I remembered that Bill's sister, Phyllis, has one. They were carrying it in their arms, and had no leash, or carrying case of any kind.  I had a bad feeling, and asked them what they were planning to do.  The girl looked very guilty, and finally muttered that she was moving, that her new place does not accept pets, and that she was going to release it at Jericho.  I tried my very best not to sound as judgmental as I felt.  I told her about the hawks, eagles, owls and coyotes around, and suggested the rabbit would have a much better chance at survival if she tried either the spca, or better still, a rabbit rescue.  She and her boyfriend appeared to listen and understand, and I just have to hope my words made a difference.  I thought of asking them to give me the rabbit, but I had no way to contain it, and Black Jack would have been quite a handful.  Hope you are safe tonight, little rabbit! 

Ever since dp mentioned that she likes to have her ducks all in a row, I can't look at birds in any sort of a line without thinking of her.  These geese arranged themselves for the camera most cooperatively, I thought.
Two games down for the Canucks.  They played well, and Luongo was brilliant.  His first playoff shut-out must feel very, very good.  I'm not counting St. Louis out, though.  I thought they also played well, but had some miserable breaks tonight.  It's a good series.


  1. Oh my, Nudge , a very handsome black and white rabbit and his family hope that the little rabbit was taken to an animal shelter!! Dutch rabbits are very friendly and can easily fit into a family home! Phyllis

  2. I hope so too, Phyllis and Nudge. I checked the last two days, and have not seen any black and white rabbits at Jericho, so I think that young couple may have changed their minds and found a better alternative for their rabbit.

  3. Wow Carol you got real spring, those colors are really vibrant, and the flowers wow. We are not even close to this stage. Thanks for sharing your journey again. Anna :)