Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Loving the sun

Six pictures of Black Jack, five of them in blissful sun-poses.  I guess it's the Chihuahua in her, but she is a sun lover like no dog I have known.  The forecast isn't looking great, with rain expected tomorrow evening, so I'll get her out in the morning and hope she can store up enough to keep her going until the sun makes its next appearance.  I feel like these should have some captions, but captions are not my strong point. (Suggestions welcomed.)

After Black Jack's sun bath, we went for a very long walk.  Skies this blue in Vancouver are fairly rare.
I think the flowers were loving the sun too.

We went all the way to Vanier Park, where we caught this little ferry, which took us across the water to the Aquatic Centre.  It was Black Jack's first time on the ferry, and although she checked out the life saver information, she did so while sitting in the sun, and she definitely enjoyed the ride.  So did I.  I was too slow to get a photo of a huge seal that came right along side the boat.  When I asked the young fellow at the helm if he saw the seal, he said, rather annoyed, "Oh, I see them all the time."
I took a photo of the boat, just for the record.  Inexpensive way ($3) to get out on the water, and perfect for taking Black Jack, rather than doing the long walk over the bridge.  
When we got off the boat, I took this picture of the seal by these kayakers.  It had already traveled quite a distance.  They were ignoring it too.  I wonder if it was lonely, and seeking company.
Black Jack and I walked along the beach, where there were way too many people, all trying to soak up the day.  We left, and were lucky enough to see this cat on the way home.  I worried that it would jump, but it retreated after a little while. I always wonder how people can take a chance like this.  It was only on the first floor, so the distance wasn't the problem, but it was a busy street, and I've seen raccoons in that area many times.  Don't they worry?  On the other hand, the cat seemed very content.  What can I say?  Perhaps I worry too much.
Last night, we also did a long walk.  Reports were finished, and it felt good to catch this Red-winged Blackbird, against a sky just beginning to be tinged with pink, in Jericho Park. 
Black Jack doesn't get as impressed as I do with sunsets; mid day high in the sky is more her cup of tea.  But, she enjoyed the walk, especially through the rabbit territory.  
I did this blog while listening to the Vancouver Canucks play their first game of the playoffs.  I couldn't watch after St.Louis got a goal, but the Canucks hung on and now have game number 1 in their pocket.  Phew! 


  1. Can I suggest captions?
    --right belly
    --left side
    --left belly
    --belly belly (with chin)
    "There! Evenly toasted on all sides!"

  2. Lovely photos as usual!

    Black Jack, you look very sweet sunbathing, we didn't realise you were quite so teeny (or at least you look teeny!).

    The boat looks fun - I've not been on a boat yet, but I'm not too keen on water, so maybe a boat would be a good idea for me too!


  3. What is it about black dogs and their addictions to the sun? My black dog loves to bake too!

  4. Thanks for the captions, EvenSong. They're great!

    Thank you, Minnie-Moo:)

    Yes, Black Jack is fairly teeny. I haven't weighed her recently, but she was 12 pounds when she came to me. Both Black Jack and my last dog, Scott, only liked water if there was something in it that they wanted. Scott would chase his ball, and swim beautifully to get it. Black Jack went diving in (on the end of her very long leash) after some geese. She also is a very good swimmer. It's interesting that all labs are not the water dogs we imagine them to be. But, yes, you might like a boat ride, and a little incentive would help too, perhaps. I don't know what most tickles your fancy. Treats? Toys? Just going somewhere with your favorite humans?

    Carole, On your blog, you used the words "solar powered" and I thought that was perfect! Thanks for stopping by.

  5. Oh Carol, Black Jack is fun, and again what a nice spring colors. BTW I like EvanSong suggestion, lol. Anna :)