Sunday, April 12, 2009

Friday Photos at Jericho

On Friday, Black Jack and I walked down to Spanish Banks, and from there, over to Jericho Beach, where Bill met us.  It was one of those days when the tide was way out at Spanish Banks, and if I had had boots on, we could have walked almost to that boat.  Okay, just kidding, but really, a very long way.  That little spec in front of the boat is someone who has done just that.  I contented myself with taking photos from a distance, and Black Jack was just happy that it wasn't raining.  
As we were walking along, I noticed what seemed like hundreds of little black specs.  I'm still not certain what they are.  I think they may be geese, but the amazing thing is that the camera caught them at all.
Black Jack was, as always, vastly entertained by the rabbits.  These two looked healthy and happy.
This one looked a bit scruffier.  Maybe an older one?  None of them seemed to mind the camera.
Black Jack was quiet at first, but suddenly produced the tiniest, highest pitched squeak I've ever heard from her.  It must have surpassed even the highest note a flute can produce.  I picked her up, and carried her away from the rabbit territory as there was no calming her down.  
I'm not absolutely sure what this bird was, but it was enjoying leftovers put out for the rabbits.
 The red-winged blackbirds love this part of Jericho Park.  I know their call, and love to hear it, but I never seem to be able to catch them in a photo.
I haven't made a positive identification of this bird, either.  I love the fanned tail and intricate patterns.  
Bill was waiting near this grassy area.  It was the perfect conclusion to a fine walk, when this goose waved good-bye.


  1. Thanks for more pictures of birds and bunnies. The scruffy rabbit is undergoing his semi or thrice yearly shedding. When rabbits shed they look quite dreadful... and then the beautiful glossy coat emerges. The wild rabbits in Manitoba shed their summer coats which are dark brown and then have a much paler coat as camouflage against the snow! We have several wild bunnies who hop about the garden all winter! Our domestic bunny, Nudge, who lives in the house, usually sheds at this time of year but as not yet started. He does not change colour because he is a black and white Dutch rabbit.

  2. Thanks for that info about bunnies, Phyllis. Very interesting and good to know.

    I've been watching the Red River story, and hoping you and those close to you are okay. I see many are dealing with flooded homes - how sad!