Wednesday, June 27, 2012

ABC Wednesday Letter "X"

For the past few weeks, knowing that the letter "X" was coming up for ABC Wednesday's post, and not wanting to use the word "xylophone" (I'm a retired music teacher and it just seemed too obvious)..
photo taken from this site
 I kept my eyes open for other examples of "X" around me.  These kite surfers..
that we saw in Victoria a few weeks ago..
 quite often gave me some "X" photos as I watched their lines criss-cross.
Perhaps, I will leave you to find the X's in the rest of these.  
Flowers by False Creek
Cruise ship near Victoria
Finch in some pine needles
A warning along the shore by the Bard on the Beach tents at Vanier Park
Algae in the pond at Vanier Park
Another algae shot

Blossoms and branches at Granville Island
I noticed the name Xin on this store in Vancouver and remembered that several of the girls at the international school where I taught for 13 years (just retired) were called Xin.  The "X" is pronounced like a soft "g" and the name means "elegant" and/or "beautiful."  

The Casino that I walk by as we travel east along the seawall.
Science World under construction
Science World aga
Xenia is the goddess of hospitality.  My final "X" idea has to do with this theme.  In the photo below, non-hospitable people are punished and those who have offered their home generously are rewarded.  (More explained if you have time to check out the link.)    
"Jupiter and Mercurius in the house of Philemon and Baucis" by Peter Paul Rubens:
Zeus and Mercury, testing a village's practice of hospitality, were received only by 
Baucis and Philemon,
who were rewarded while their neighbors were punished.
Raven (BIll's ex-wife) would definitely fall under the category of someone who should receive a fine reward.  Bill and I have just spent a couple of days at her place on Salt Spring Island.  She has cooked the most outstanding vegan meals specially for me, has made me feel so welcome and so happy, words almost fail me to express my gratitude.  Apart from that, she loves birds and all animals, has made Black Jack about as happy as any dog can be, and is just a person after my own heart.  There will be many more pictures to come with next week's post, but for now, just one of Raven and Black Jack, to end this post with a beautiful smile.
Thank you, Raven, and thank you, dear readers, for stopping by.  To see what other bloggers across the world have come up with to honour the letter X, check out the wonderful ABC Wednesday site.


  1. Fantastic photographs. I am greeting

  2. Love all your X's in this post. I really must come downtown some day to go "shooting." Maybe we could meet up.

    abcw team

  3. Now those are fabulous X's, I love the purple flower.

    Rose, ABC Wednesday Team

  4. You have quite a collection of "X's!" A good variety. I had to laugh at your comment re. my own "X-rated" post. I, too, taught high school students and know why you were amused!!

  5. You did a great job with the letter X. I enjoyed all the shots. Carver ABC-Wed. Team

  6. You have highlighted so well, Carol, the infinite variety of X’s all around us everywhere that are easily overlooked. I was most impressed with the thoughtful Raven, though, who seems to be a dream of an X-wife. :)

  7. Dear Carol,
    Well done for spotting so many X's! I originally wanted to do Xenobia, but I couldn't come up with a dastardly poem to fit her name...I'm a poet of love afterall! Lovelyy photos. Black Jack is too cute! Thanks for sharing & visiting

    Xylophone Of Love

  8. the xylophone is nice, but the natural Xs are even cooler!
    Rog, ABC WEDNESDAY team

  9. I really like your idea of the X in nature...well you found a lot that is for posting...cheers.

  10. Oh my goodness, you just had an eye for X' each picture, and how everything from Nature, to people, and everything in between gave you X's and brought smiles to me as I scrolled down each one.

    Great post. Hip Hip Hoorah!

  11. Carol these are brilliant "X" captures, so subtle and inventive. BTW I saw a xylophone band on weekend, they were entertaining along the West 4th stretch of the half marathon route.

  12. Enjoyed the tour.. I thought about doing an X post this week but didn't have time to travel to Xenia,Ohio..LOL.. Maybe next time

  13. You are out of this world in ABC!! I love the purple flowers. But most of all I love Black Jack. He is just so lovable and cuddly!

  14. I love how you caught the X with the water sports. Very cool catch.