Friday, June 22, 2012

Skywatch Friday, Season 5, Episode 50

It has been another week of very changeable skies in Vancouver, B.C.  This morning, I heard on the news that there was a fire last night in Stanley Park.  I found the photo below at a Vancouver Sun web site.  I am thankful the firefighters were able to stop this from spreading.  Words almost fail me to describe how heartbroken most people in Vancouver would be to lose that park.  I can barely think about it.
Vancouver Sun Photo to show smoke coming from Stanley Park fire last evening
Here are the skies as my camera and I saw them over the past week:
Morning mist over False Creek from my apartment.
Evening clouds over False Creek
Dramatic afternoon clouds over False Creek


Vanier Park,  just before sunset.  
Reflections over the little pond at Vanier Park.  The edge of the ocean is in the background at the right. 
Same pond, same reflections.  (Couldn't pick my favourite shot)
Looking over the ocean from Vanier Park
Walking home from Vanier Park over the Burrard Bridge. Vanier Park is on the left.
The tree with the eagle nest is the tallest one at the end of the roadway.
Dark ahead of me, light behind me, as I walk over the Burrard Bridge
Standing on the Burrard Bridge.  The Granville Bridge and city can be seen in the background.
Just coming off the Burrard Bridge, looking ahead at dark skies.
Walking along Pacific Street moments later.  Blue skies to my right.
Cormorants fly through grey skies over Vanier Park
The Roundhouse Plaza is just behind my apartment building. A sort of roof/shelter was recently erected.  Supposedly, it is to provide shelter for bands and other entertainers, but in fact, people get quite wet when they stand under it.  Both Bill and I have felt critical of the money spent (1.8 million) for something that seems so non-functional.  However, I have to admit to enjoying the view last night, when I noticed some lights had been added, with a kind of mist coming up from the wooden floor.  The night sky had an amazing amount of blue in it, considering the time.  I have included several different shots, as the colours changed minute to minute.

Thank you so much for taking time to look at the skies that I enjoyed over the past week.  For other skies around the world, do check out Skywatch Friday.


  1. A lovely collection of sky compositions. I hope the park stayed safe.

  2. Beautiful series!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  3. What a wonderful sequence of shots. The sky and city as well as landscapes are gorgeous.

  4. Wow! I love all those sky shots. :) Thank you for stopping by Seguin. Here's to a bit more rain.

  5. Wow, a whole week of amazing skies AND a tour of at least some of Vancouver, BC (a place I long to visit someday) - what a treat!

    I was most drawn to the Vernier Park photos - love the placid reflective water of the little pond and the two with the sailboats. especially the second one with part of the city skyline in it. What a view!

    You have a dramatic view from your apartment, too. "False Creek" - interesting name! Do you know its origin?

    I'm glad they got the Stanley Park fire put out and hope no real damage was done. Thank you for a fun tour of your skies and views, I really enjoyed it!

  6. Wow! Those are some wonderful shots. This is my first time visiting, but since I'm an avid cyclist who loves animals and birds, I'll be back!

  7. Those dark skies are so dramatic and then from the other direction they are so serene. Beautiful.

  8. Great series of shots with some dramatic skies!
    Thanks for sharing. And thanks for visiting and taking the time to comment;o)

    Have a nice weekend****

  9. I love those reflection shots but the others are great too:)Have a great weekend!


  10. I hadn’t heard about the fire in Stanley Park until reading about it here on your blog. Thank goodness they were able to get it under control. I read since that it was the miniature train building and that two fire fighters were sent to hospital. I think they suspect foul play. Time will tell how this happened. Meanwhile, I was glad know the train and track remain fully operational.

    The cloud with the silver lining over Vanier Park is very dramatic … the sculpture in the distance brings back fond memories of our visit there. :)

  11. Excellent posting for Sky Watch Friday!! Your neck of the woods is certainly fertile ground for photography -- and you certainly took advantage of it. Kudos!!!

  12. I love that you had so much to share and they were all stunning!

  13. Lovely to see Vancouver again.
    Hubby lived there for many years before I met him.
    My son lives there, but is in a gig, Joseph, in Chemainus on the island.

    Good to see it all again, as I have visited a couple of times.
    My crepuscular clouds!! !

  14. What a great set of pictures.

    I do like finding the skies after work, but the disappointing thing is that I have to walk home with the sunset skies behind me. I could walk backwards, but that may cause a few problems!

    Stewart M - Australia

  15. Vancouver is such a beautiful place through your lens!

  16. Great series of shots with some dramatic skies! Thanks for sharing. And thanks for visiting and taking the time to comment;o) *** Have a nice weekend****