Tuesday, June 5, 2012

ABC Wednesday - Unique Understanding

I am feeling unorganized as I try to bring some semblance of order to the "U" words that come to mind this week.  I've added some pictures that feel only vaguely unified, so perhaps it is best to jump in with the commentary and see if a pattern or trend will emerge.

This is my little dog, Black Jack.  She is staring lovingly at Bill, who has just arrived back after a few days away.  She and Bill often "sing" in unison.  They understand each other perfectly.  
Their unique bond stems from Bill's unusual ability to empathize.  He  understands life from Black Jack's perspective, and follows through by treating her exactly as he feels she wants.
Unlike many dogs, Black Jack loves every part of her body handled.  Toe massages are fine, and ears are good too.  They look a little bit unconventional straight up, but that's just fine with her.
Here are Bill and Black Jack again, this time in North Vancouver, during our visit this past Saturday.  Black Jack's eyes are open at first, 
but they become heavy as she relaxes in the ultimate easy chair.  
This ability to understand is one that makes the world work better for everyone.  It has been necessary during a recent standoff by the Musqueam Indian Band.  Demonstrations have caused delays during morning rush hour, as people tried to make their way over the Arthur Laing Bridge.
However, the reasons for these inconvenient delays go very deep.  This property, now privately owned by a a couple hoping to build a condominium, was known to be once occupied by the Musqueam and was declared a Canadian Heritage Site in the 1930's.  The recent discovery of the intact remains of two infants and an adult on the property calls for a new plan that respects Musqueam ancestors. 
Bill and I were on our way to the Metro Theatre to see a play when we came across the demonstrators.  I stopped to watch them and to listen to a song that touched a core of understanding in a way that the spoken word may not have been able to do.  At first in unison, and then with a unique harmony added, the beauty of their tone and the fervency of their emotion seemed to reach the depths of my musical heart.  
There were a range of ages represented in the singers, 
and I smiled to see that the ubiquitous Iphone found its place alongside musical instruments.  
Whatever the age and experience of the demonstrators, it was clear they were united in their desire to make their point peacefully but with unmistakable intention.  I hope they and the government will be able to come to a solution that shows respect and fairness to all concerned.
The play Bill and I saw that evening was One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest at the Havana Theatre. This picture is taken from the movie with Jack Nickolson as McMurphy and William Sampson as Chief Bromden.  Bill commented later on the stereotyping that often comes with native roles.  Somehow, our thoughts about that seemed to take us back to the Musqueam people.  Perhaps, our understanding had changed ever so slightly by the union of these two events in one evening.
And, continuing along a theme of understanding, the photo below is one of Bill's hands holding a flower open so that I can photograph its beautiful centre.  Not something I asked him to do, but just the way he is.
Here, I was trying to get the camera to focus on this thin flower, obscured by a busy background.  My camera was confused, so Bill put his hand by the flower to help the camera focus.  My favourite picture of the week.
He immediately withdrew his hand, and here is the flower in all of its beauty.
The photo below seemed perfect to represent the meaning of unique.  I don't think I've ever seen a dog quite like this one.  We learned that his name is Willy and that he is approximately 13 years old.
I loved his face, but..
his most unique feature?  Definitely his feet!
And finally, just a few "U" shapes to conclude the post.  They were much harder to find and perhaps more obscure than last week's "T" shapes, but here they are:
A dip in the mountains of the North Shore
A dip in the leash on a North Vancouver sign.
The dip between The Lions
A gentle "U" in the vine.
Thank you so much for taking time to read my "U" post.  For more fascinating thoughts about this letter, check out ABC Wednesday.


  1. Another gorgeous series of photos Carol!

    Up and Down

    Rose, ABC Wednesday Team

  2. I love the subtle “u” finds in nature … what a clever idea. I think the more we look the more we will see letters of the alphabet all around us. The dog blew me away with his unique charm and long legged stance. And Black Jack looked a touch exotic in her sleepy/comfy mode. :)

  3. Fantastic post. I enjoyed all the shots and like the theme of understanding which is so important. Carver, ABC-Wed. Team

  4. This is a Unique post! loved all the way to the bottom...

  5. definite understanding
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  6. Love the U's in your pictures. Being united can do wonders.

  7. I love this exercise! "U" is a difficult letter and you have succeeded very well! Phyllis

  8. Wow, Phyllis! I am so impressed that you were able to send a message! We are having a lovely time in Victoria and I prepared my last two posts at your dining room table. I will post about our adventures next week for the letter "V" Hope you and Barrie are having a fabulous time! Thank you for your generosity. We so appreciate it!!

  9. What a nice relationship dog - man! Your pictures says a lot!

  10. "U" did a great job on this post! ;-)

    Of course I especially liked the dog with his muppet feet.

  11. Very interesting, informative post. (Shouldn't she be "Black Jill"?)

  12. Very interesting, informative post. (Shouldn't she be "Black Jill"?)

  13. H'mm. I clicked once; why two posts? :-)

  14. Another very fascinating post! I am really enjoying coming over each week to see your contributions. I hadn't heard about that standoff under the Arthur Laing and I agree with you that I hope something can be done that is acceptable to all parties. Have a wonderful week,

    abcw team

  15. Black and Jack seem an inseparable pair:) Willie seems a force to be reckoned with!I seem to have missed some news with this tribe -good there's google:)

  16. You have created another beautiful set photos. To begin with the indigenous people asking to respect their ancestors. I also liked the little dog and the old one.
    The flowers are very beautiful too. Thank you for your contribution to ABC Wednesday.
    Thanks for your comment. I didn't know that there was a band named after the Dickensen character Uriah Heep in David Copperfield. I've never heard of that band.
    Have a great Thursday.
    Wil, ABC Team.

  17. Nice narrative (and, most certainly unique!). I love reading about Blackie and Bill! And the story that unfolded on the way to the play.
    Interesting graphics on the young man's t-shirt too.
    Very, very nice post!

  18. Always such interesting pics and themes here! A truly beautiful area.

    And you can tell a lot about a man by the way he treats your dog..;)

  19. i love all your dog stuff

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