Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday Skywatch in Vancouver: Season 5, Episode 51

Mottled, rain-filled, night-time, clear blue, dull grey, wind-swept and blazing skies have all passed in front of my camera over the past week.

On Saturday afternoon, the 23rd, walking past the stadium roof,   
and towards Chinatown,
mottled patterns provided a background for some of my favourite sights.
In the evening, as we drove to see "The Merry Widow" at UBC, rain was falling..  
and the skies were dark.
Going home again afterwards, it was amazing to see that there was still light in the sky at almost 10:00 p.m.  The rain had stopped and Bill and I both loved this sky over Spanish Banks.
On Sunday, there were patches of swept blue under the mottled bits,
and I thought I saw a happy stick-man dancing.
A distinctive "mountain-range" of clouds gathered..
over the Granville Street Bridge.
On Monday, as we took the ferry to Salt Spring Island, there were clear blue skies..
and winking seagulls reminding me that a peek in the opposite direction..
would reveal grey ones as well.
sweeping upwards..
and patterned ones (maybe a rocking horse?) all presented themselves within the space of a few hours.
As the sun began to go down over Salt Spring Island on Tuesday, I suspected we were.. 
 in for a very nice sunset,
 and that turned out to be true.
 The rays reached in the kitchen window,
peeked behind the trees..
and formed a star at the top of a golden path across the ocean.
On Wednesday, we boarded the ferry for the trip back to Vancouver.  Bill parked the truck, and I walked upstairs.  This eagle floated out of a blue sky just as I opened the door onto the ferry deck.  Somehow, my camera and I were able to pull ourselves together for the photo.  
That would be the last blue sky I saw for the week.  Clouds were forming,
 and seagulls again..
chose greyer backgrounds..
with just a touch of pink to highlight their..
flying skills.
This one winked..
a friendly good-bye, a fitting conclusion to this post, as the skies yesterday remained similar to the one you see here.
To view a panorama of skies from around the world, do take some time to visit the wonderful Friday Skywatch site.  Have a happy weekend, everyone, and thank you for stopping by.


  1. Wow - what a wonderful set of pictures. Love the Chinatown skies and that glorious light of the sun setting.

  2. Love that blue sky best!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

  3. Wonderful images... I have just had a wonderful browse around your blog.
    many thanks for sharing it.

  4. I think you should get a special award for this interesting collection of sky images! Wonderful!

  5. Absolutely gorgeous skies and what a treat to see the magnificent birds in flight.

  6. Wow, lovely series of skywatch photos. I love the shots of the gulls. Beautiful photos, happy skywatching!

  7. Your sky photos are marvelous. I really like the wide variety of skies that you captured, especially the Tuesday evening sunset.

  8. What fantastic contrasts all these great skies provide! And how poignant the sunset is on Salt Spring Island. Its beam of light casts a magical spell onto the room and the ocean. :)

  9. Fantastic skies, and the birds in flight are out of this world. I thought the Merry Widow was at Vanier Park, is it at UBC too? Thanks for sharing all these wonderful shots, forgot to mention the sun peeking through the trees is beautifully captured too!

  10. Great gull closeups. I love the red lanterns, but can even see how they are suspended. - Margy

  11. nicely framed views of a beautiful corner of the world

  12. What a great variety of skies - I like the rain best! Unfortunately the number of homes destroyed is at least 346. The only rain we get this time of year comes from afternoon thunderstorms, and we're hoping that we get a nice, wet one (sometimes the rain evaporates before it hits the ground).

  13. Wonderful shots of great variety.

  14. Gorgeous sky views Carol! Visiting late from Sky Watch Friday.

    Please come take a peek at my Sky Shots, have a great weekend!

  15. Marvelous set of pics! The first one looks like the spikes are churning the cloudy sky. Your birds in flight are fantastic!

  16. Wow!!! That is one grand collection of wonderful skies [and birds]. Guess you do get some blue skies and sunshine in Vancouver -- chuckle --

  17. A lovely series of photos. The sunset from your kitchen window is beautiful - and you did very well with the photos of the sea gull.

  18. Beautiful sky shots, and flying birds!

  19. Lovely tour of beautiful Vancouver. The Pacific Northwest (on either side of the border) is definitely the place to be this time of year ! We are back in Oregon in real life, although I'll probably be blogging about the Southwest for a while, catching up.